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Motivation Makes it Rain (it PAYS)

Motivating employees, hiring the right people, increasing staff retention. All are desires for small business owners!

In this video you’ll see what two different businesses are doing to motivate their employees. In doing so they’re increasing employee retention AND customer retention!

Easy examples you can copy in your own business.

To update your hiring process and attract the right people, download this guide and implement one of the 15 fresh ideas.

Attract people to hire that stick around, grow your business, and save you money.

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Your Guide to Making the Hiring Process Work FOR You

Does the thought if job posting, interviewing, and hiring give you the heebie-jeebies? Does it stress you out and give you an upset stomach?

You don’t have to stay in this anxiety zone.

One of the best changes I made to my hiring process was getting people to do a few things on their own BEFORE they landed an interview.

It made a world of difference in the

  • Quality of people who sat in front of me for an interview
  • Amount of time staff stayed (it really reduced turnover)
  • Time I spent interviewing and vetting potential people

AND it doesn’t take weeks to implement!

I’ve got 15 examples for you to pull from. Implement just one into your hiring process and move from interviewing everyone to interviewing people who are REALLY interested in working for you! 

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