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Hospitality Boot Camp

On demand staff training to support, equip, empower, and INSPIRE your team to create fantastic Customer Experiences!



A course to support, equip, empower, and INSPIRE your team!


A course to support, equip, empower, and INSPIRE your team!

To invest in the success of your team is to guarantee your business growth.

Say goodbye to mediocre Customer Service that costs your business thousands of dollars, and hello to an unstoppable team that’s ready to deliver exceptional Customer Experiences!

Power of People Academy Training Includes:

  • Six Comprehensive Teaching Topics:
    Curriculum covers everything your team needs to know to become Customer Service superstars!

From mastering communication to resolving customer complaints, we’ve got it covered.

  • Over 20 Engaging Videos:
    Gone are the days of boring lectures!

Dynamic video lessons captivate your employees, ensuring they stay motivated and eager to learn.

Training equips and empowers your staff with knowledge and skills to be friggin’ fantastic at serving customers and making your business more $$$ money!

Our mission is simple – to equip and empower your staff to be nothing short of extraordinary.

With our training course, your employees will morph into a force to be reckoned with, surpassing customer expectations at every turn.

Watch as they masterfully handle even the trickiest of situations, leaving your clients singing your business’s praises.

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Is This You?

Are you are a busy business owner?

Does training your staff to interact face to face with customers feel complicated and never ending?

  1. Each new team member has different strengths and weaknesses, adding to the challenge.
  2. You understand that some basic Customer Service people skills result in your customers spending more money.
  3. Possibly you’d like staff to stick around longer AND look for ways to WOW your customers.

Accomplishing these things would allow you time away from the day to day operations and give you peace of mind that business is running VERY well when you’re not around.

Do You Desire:

A team (regardless of age or experience) that is SKILLED, INNOVATIVE, EXCITED to come to work, TAKES INITIATIVE, gives CONSISTENTLY GREAT SERVICE, and STICKS AROUND?


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After staff takes the course business owners find that:

Profits Increased

Their stress decreased. Onboarding and training became more efficient and effective. Staff gained MUCH needed Customer Service skills and BETTER UNDERSTOOD their personal impact on the business.

Customer Retention Increased

Staff Retention Increased!

Power of People Academy course is a necessary step to building a team you can count on.

This course is a plug-and-play!

After completing the videos and work, the newest of staff  have skills akin to a seasoned professional and seasoned staff are refreshed and energized.

Elisabeth B.

Here’s what she has to say about the Power of People course!

Power of People Course Testimonies

Samantha’s insight is priceless!  She brings a very unique and special perspective as both a business owner and as a customer. As a previous owner of a boutique hotel, she understands the challenges and struggles that business owners face. She also has a clear vision on how to help business owners create an environment of excellence for both their employees and their customers. Samantha has an amazing ability and insight for creating a world class customer experience unique to your business.

Erika Wilson

Owner, Columbia Laser Skin Center

SO many businesses in town should do this! The value is compounding. It will help in retention too because staff see’s that the owner is investing in them and, in turn, they understand how they matter.

Jessie Lamp

Communication Coordinator, The Dalles Chamber of Commerce

After taking the course, here are the words I would use to describe staff results: Confidence. Positivity. Professionalism. Growth. Building a Community.

I wish there was more of it (course)!

Danica Klaus

Totally worth it! It gets everybody on the same page, creates a plan for your business. It gives (employees) a bigger picture, skills, and shows them you care about them. Your stories are super engaging, interesting, and enjoyable!

Christina McGhee

Entrepreneur, Business Owner

I don’t know how to say this other than I wish I could just hand this video course out everywhere I go. . . . it just changes your whole business!

Gina Bennett

Maker of Happiness, Tammy's Floral

I felt the course was incredibly beneficial! Now I feel confident when greeting shoppers and creating an environment that will turn walk-in’s into frequent customers.

Hannah F.

Sales Associate, Scoop Marketplace

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1 Month Subscription (up to 5 employees) just $99- Investment

Your investment of $99- QUICKLY pays for itself with increased revenue, customer and staff retention.  Easy win. Utilize course again and again!

More than 5 employees? Email Samantha@Kaizen.Zone for pricing.

Cancel and renew at any time!

What’s inside the Power of People Academy?

Each Module contains Quizzes or Support Documents for staff to complete and give to you for discussion and review.

Module 1 – Introduction:

    This week sets the stage. Whether attitudes are excitement or “ghah, I have to take a course”, after this module your employee will be in the right frame of mind and excited to dive in.

    You will have new or seasoned staff beginning with  excitement and anticipation to make a difference in your business.

    Module 3 – First Impressions

      Staff must know how to set the stage for phenomenal Customer Experiences each and every day.  It’s challenging being a professional but that’s just what we’re shooting for.

      After this module staff understand the power of the first impression and learn what to do.

      The Trifecta teaches the three must-do items for making a positive first impression.

      This module solves the problem of customers/members/guests being annoyed from the get-go. Your customers will WANT to come in more often!

      Module 5 –Sales vs. Service

        How does increasing daily sales sound to you? This module changes mindsets from feeling “sales-y” to understanding that they are an integral part of connecting the customers needs to the businesses products.

        Your staff will understand that they are connectors. They must know your products and services AND their customer’s needs and desires. Only then can they connect the dots and really serve customers well!

        Your team will make a mindset shift from thinking they are “selling” to understanding and knowing how to “serve” and by doing so increase sales!

        Module 2 – Your Value:

          Staff gain business knowledge with quizzes and personal reflection.

          They will understand their value to both the financial success of your business and their impact on the Customer Experience.

          This week educates and motivates! Staff understand, and feel proud, that they are professionals with skills that uplevel Customer Service Experiences. After completion your team shows up for work ready to make a difference financially to your business.

          Module 4 – Pareto Who?

            We’re deep diving into a powerful and profitable business lesson. Staff is encouraged to innovate with knowledge from this module and apply it to serving your top 20% really well.

            This week we’re building business knowledge and applying it to your business. Enjoy the transformation as staff innovate and begin treating your business as if it’s their own!

            Who doesn’t want a team that thinks about improving your business and customer experiences when they’re off work?

            Module 6 – Congratulations! You Screwed Up

              EVERYONE messes up. At some point in time, staff will create a mess that results in an unhappy customer, or they will be on the receiving end of an unhappy customer that was no fault of their own.

              This module empowers staff to know how to address mistakes and turn that customer interaction around.

              Staff no longer need to turn problems over to you like a hot potato. They’re equipped to gracefully and confidently handle things on their own with the THREE STEP method taught here.

              Your transforms unhappy customers into people who sing their praises from rooftops, give excellent on-line reviews, and spend more money!


              → About Your Instructor – video (6:22)

              → Welcome to the Course + Teaching Tasks vs. Skills
              – video (5:26)

              → Attitude is Everything – video (7:01)
                  Support Document: Roadmap

              Module 1 – Your Value:

              → Impact and Influence – video (5:53)
                  Support Document: “Suck it or Shine”

              → Bottom Line Part 1 – video (1:12)
                  “It’s in the numbers” quiz

              → Bottom Line Part 2 – video (2:40)

              → Make it or Break it – video (2:58)
                  Bonus “Make it or Break it, a 5-Day Challenge”

              → Sum up – video (2:53)

              Module 2 – First Impressions

              → Introduction and Review – video (8:05)

              → Would You Rather? – video (1:57)
                  Support Document: “Would You Rather Part 1”

              → The Trifecta Part 1 & 2 – video (5:02)
                   PDF “So I asked them to smile”

              → The Trifecta Part 3 – 6:40)
                   Support Document: “Would You Rather Part 2”

              This module addresses one of THE BIGGEST customer complaints, and fixes it!

              Module 3 – Pareto Who?

              → Intro and Lesson 1 – video (8:27)
                  Support Document: Pareto Who

              → Know Your Customer – video (9:32)
                  Support Document: Pareto Who – part two

              Module 4 –Sales vs. Service

              → Matchmaker – video (4:18)

              → Story Time – video (7:20)
                   Support Document: Top Pics Matchmaker

              Increase customer ticket sales by just $5 a customer.
              It’s easy!

              A 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profitability by 85%! (source)

              Module 5 – Congratulations! You Screwed Up

              → Introduction – video (7:03)

              → The Blunders – video (4:25)
                   Support Document: The Blunders

              → Exceeding Expectations – video (11:19)
                  Support Document: Exceeding Expectations

              → Step by Step – video (5:23)

              → Congratulations Graduate! – video (1:19)
                  Completion Certificate

              This module is MOST REQUESTED by clients.

              WATCH THE VIDEO

              Here’s a quick video overview for you!

              What’s Included in the Power of People Academy?

              “The most cost effective and impactful staff training out there!”

              6 Modules w/Teaching, Activities, & Support Documents

              Each module contains 2-5 video trainings (stats and stories that illustrate, educate, and motivate) with accompanying support documents that connect the learning to staff experience to your business.

              The worksheets are designed to set up your staff to apply the teaching directly to YOUR business, getting your team to care about the success of your business as much as you do.

              ($1,100 value)

              Leadership Support

              You’ll receive digitally a complete teaching guide to support you as a leader.

              Your Leadership Guide contains email copy (written FOR you!) to send to your team, instructions, questions to guide your conversations, teaching notes, including takeaways, and things to note as a boss.

              This is a mini-masterclass in leadership. A complete teaching guide, done for you!

              ($675 value)

              30 Day Access

              Yup. Use this course again and again and again.

              That’s what it’s designed for! After all, your business is growing; you’ll have new staff that bring new ideas and experiences. They need training.

              Think of this course as your business trampoline. It keeps generating energy!


              Total Value: $1,775.00

              YOUR INVESTMENT: $99.00

              Ready to go? Enroll today!


              MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: 99-

              RENEW AS NEEDED!

              Investing in your team will pay you back in spades. The increase in your business revenue after taking this course will make you so very happy.

              More than 10 employees? Email Samantha@Kaizen.Zone for pricing.

              You’ve got LITERALLY nothing to lose and oh-so-much to gain.

              Your 99- investment saves you thousands in staff turnover costs, increases productivity, daily ticket sales, and customer retention.

              Risk-Free 14 Day Guarantee

              If after fourteen days of purchase and moving through Module 2, you determine that it’s not living up to my promise: transforming your staff into valued, engaged, and skilled contributors to the growth and success of your business, then you are most welcome to receive a refund. If we’re not a fit, we’re not a fit! I wholeheartedly wish you the best success.

              F.A.Q.’s and Q & A

              I’m super busy, will I have time to implement this course with my staff?

              • This course is designed for you to plug and play. Watch the lessons one day at a time or all in one day.
              • Video lessons are between 3-12 minutes. Easy to incorporate daily.
              • Taking this course with your staff will garner you fantastic R.O.I. It’s well worth your time investment.


              How will I know that staff complete the lessons and don’t just let the videos play?

              • Each module has support PDF’s designed to connect the learning to your business. These documents are the jumping off point for your weekly discussion and implementation!
              • If someone is half-assing their work, maybe they need to find a position/company that fits their passion. You don’t need to push a rope! Who has time for that?


              When will I get access to all the Modules?

              • Modules are available immediately.
              • You can gobble them up right away or spread them out during your week.

              I have staff that’s mixed: 1st time job as well as people who have experience. How will it help?

              • Ghad. Get this in their hands. There is SO much to teach a ‘first job’ employee. This accelerates onboarding so they become productive and skilled for you QUICKLY.
              • Investing in staff, utilizing this course for teaching, shows them how important they are. When people understand this they STAY LONGER. Want to reduce turnover? Here you go!
              • Seasoned or experienced staff MOST DEFINITELY appreciate you investing in their growth! 100% they will learn in this course and become more skilled and invested in their work.
              • This course gives staff common language and common knowledge! Bridge the gap between new and ‘seasoned’ staff.
              • The course is designed to get your seasoned and new staff to connect, share their unique knowledge, insights, and skills!

              How long will I have access to the Power of People Academy?

              • 90 day access. Renew any time.
              • After your team initially runs through the course, repeat it annually or bi-annually to refresh, invigorate, and inspire. They’ll pick up new information and ideas each time they take the course.
              • It’s STRONGLY encouraged that you make this a part of your new hire onboarding process. DONE-FOR-YOU. How about that?


              Will you be available to answer questions?

              • You may always email with questions! info@Kaizen.Zone. We LOVE to hear about your wins and questions.


              Can I afford it?

              • Can you afford NOT to get this course?
              • When you reduce staff turnover by ONE you’ve paid for this course 10 times over.
              • After completing this course your employee can EASILY increase daily ticket sales because they have the skills to do so, and the knowledge that it benefits your customer.
              • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase your profitability by 85% (source)

              Still thinking about it?

              If you say ‘yes’ to any below, it’s a fit.


              You understand the financial benefits of increasing customer retention. (It costs, on average, 6-7 times MORE to acquire a customer than to keep an existing one.)


              You want to increase employee retention and equip them be REALLY good at their job.


              You’re busy. You don’t have time or energy to train ‘people skills’. Training and on-boarding takes enough time as it is.


              You enjoy having more time to create, live passionately, or maybe just take a nap.


              You desire a team that is excited, motivated, empowered, and fulfilled in their jobs every day.


              You’d like to reduce enormous costs associated with employee turnover and ‘bump-on-a-log’ syndrome.


              You want to have staff that provide exceptional customer service experiences to your customers that results in loads of repeat business!


              You realize customer loyalty is created through employee longevity and their skill with giving consistently amazing customer service experiences


              You don’t want to (or have time to) research and  create training that will make your team so fulfilled that turnover is rare. This is your golden ticket!

              Goal = exceed  your expectations.

              You have everything you need to get your team motivated and eager to come to work each day with a great attitude and a heart for service. Your team has the power to produce happy customers and, as a result, the thriving business of your dreams!

              Personal Invitation

              Content is tightly packed in order to get your staff the quickest win possible. Investing in the success of your staff is to invest in the success of your business. Your customers (and your bank account) will thank you with their dollars.

              I am SO VERY EXCITED and cannot WAIT to have you implement the course and hear about your success!

              All my best,


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