Download: 15 Fun Hiring Strategies to Attract GREAT People!

Do you desire to have staff who are well equipped to create consistently exceptional Customer Experiences?

Your business thrives.

Your stress tanks.

Are you an independent business owner,

working like the dickens?

(No corporation or franchise supplies you with support, training, or systems!)

Do you have staff who interact face to face with customers and guests?

Would you like to have a team that is so skilled that you can confidently rely on them like partners and not like employees?

Would it be amazing to consistently garner fantastic reviews, increase daily ticket sales, and increase guest return rates?

Independent business owners create most every training system, marketing plan, etc.

You name it, you’ve most likely had to create it.

Inventing everything is exhausting, inefficient, and wastes a heck-of-a-lot of money. Been there.

Your Business =

The place people want to work.

The place customers want to be.

Imagine your team caring about the success of your business as much as you do. Imagine them being excited, motivated, empowered, and fulfilled in their jobs every day.

You have the right people in the right roles, providing exceptional Customer Service experiences to your beloved customers and guests, resulting in repeat business and regulars who evangelize about your exceptional staff.

Sound nice? 

Would you like a team that is full of great ideas to improve upon what you’ve already built? How about a team so fulfilled that turnover is rare and you have a wait list of highly qualified people waiting for you to open a position?

Sounds like a dream, right? Makin’ dreams into reality – a click away!

My mission is to  improve people’s lives by helping them understand the power they have to make a positive impact on your business and their community.


This is accomplished by teaching your team how to create the kind of Customer Experiences that make people excited to tell others and come back on the regular.

You will have everything needed to educate, empower, and motivate your staff so they are eager to come to work each day with a great attitude and a heart for service. Your team has the power to produce happy customers, and, as a result, your business thrives.

Focusing on Customer Experience (CX) creates incredible financial growth.

Being a customer-centric business is the foundation that gives staff purpose, passion, and skills.

When staff understand how powerful, how influential they are, they step up to the plate. They perform, invest, and participate in the growth of your business.

Make your business THE PLACE to work, shop, and stay.

I’m in. Where can I start?

POWER OF PEOPLE ACADEMY- Transformative on-line training course.

happy staff members

CONSULTING PACKAGES & WORKSHOPS – Schedule a 20 minute Discovery Call.

CREATING A CULTURE DECK – 52 weeks of quality content to inspire and train staff!

SPEAKING & TRAINING – Engaging people to uplift, challenge, and support results!

Ric D'Amico

An engaging (connects with audience), sincere (shares her own renovation experience), and a fun presentation from a passionate subject matter expert delivering higher standards for the customer experience!

~Ric D’Amico VP of Development The Belaire Group


I love your First Impressions download. It puts words to exactly what bothers me sometimes in a retail business, makes me switch to a business where I don’t feel ignored in favor of a more interesting personal conversation or text…

So THANK YOU! Really, really appreciated this newsletter.

~Ariane Trelaun, Head Numbers Tamer at Do Your Thing


Samantha’s insight is priceless! As a previous owner of a boutique hotel, she understands the challenges and struggles that business owners face. She also has a clear vision on how to help business owners create an environment of excellence for both their employees and their customers.

She has an amazing ability and insight for creating a world class Customer Experience unique to your business.

~Erika, owner, Columbia Laser Skin Center

Joe Guenther

I have made a habit of reading one of your cards at our weekly meetings. The cards have been really thought provoking, fun, and have created an opportunity to think and discuss everyday situations. We often talk about the current week’s card and incidentally, talk about the previous week’s card as well. It’s been a great way to start our meetings! Thanks!

~Joe Guenther, Crown Point Wealth Advisors

P.S. You pronounce Kaizen like this: “K-eye-zen.” It’s Japanese and means continuous improvement. Small changes, made consistently, garner huge results. Promise.