Your Business =

The place people want to work.

The place people want to shop.

Are you an independent small business owner,

working like the dickens?

(No corporation or franchise supplies you with support, training, or systems!)

Do you have staff who interact face to face with customers?

Would you like to have a team that is so skilled that you can confidently rely on them like partners and not like employees?

Would it be amazing to consistently garner fantastic customer reviews and increase daily ticket sales?

Small business owners create most every training system, marketing plan, etc.

You name it, small business owners create it.

Inventing every wheel is exhausting, inefficient, wastes a heck-of-a-lot of money. Been there, learned from that.

In 2006 the hubs and I bought an 18-room historic boutique hotel, built in 1907. No furniture, no clientele, (last open in 1940), located in a town population 600 (no, I didn’t miss a zero!). We started deep in the red thanks to 11 months of restoration, landscaping an acre of grounds, and furnishing this gorgeous building. I needed to figure out how to get us ‘on the map’, hire, train, and inspire staff, and grow the business. Oh, do all this and not drive myself into the ground.


Thankfully because I had crap for a marketing budget I stumbled on a different way to grow. A better way.

I found the ‘secret sauce’,
the most cost-efficient way to grow our business.

I learned how to attract and retain a solid, reliable, inspired team of people. I got off the hiring and turnover treadmill. Our staff were invested in our success; they became partners. We gained customers who returned again and again.

Sound nice? How did we make it happen?

We focused on the Customer Experience (CX).

I can immediately feel, when I enter a business, if the owner has a clue about the importance of training, equipping, and empowering staff, if they look, at all, at Customer Experience.

Sadly, many owners are clueless that crappy staff lose them scads of money.


When people are trained and equipped to not only serve the customer in front of them, but also to look at the entire customer experience, your team starts to think about how to delight your customers on EVERY step of the customer journey. They understand their purpose, they’re motivated, invigorated. They stick around. That’s awesome!


Your staff become partners.
They delight customers.
Customers return, bring others, and spend more.

Focusing on Customer Experience (CX) creates incredible financial growth.

Being a customer-centric business is the foundation that gives staff purpose, passion, and skills.

When staff understand how powerful, how influential they are, they step up to the plate. Your staff performs, invests, participates.

You gain free time. Your business grows!

You don’t have to invent all the tools, systems, and training for your business. I’m here to help you win with people.

Create your workplace where quality applicants are lining up, where your staff retention is through the roof, where your customers are fiercely loyal.

Let’s make your business THE place people want to work an THE place people want to shop.

I’m in. Where can I start?

POWER OF PEOPLE – 6-week supported course.

 Individual Coaching, Workshops, Team Training

STAFF SUPPORT – Done FOR you tools.

Ps. You pronounce Kaizen like this: “K-eye-zen.” It’s Japanese and means continuous improvement. It only takes a small amount of effort consistently to get huge results, I promise.