Where is your focus in 2020? Whether you call it goal setting, visioning, setting an intention, or any other phrase, the important take away is: look where you want to go.

A friend of mine, an incredible young woman whom I really want to get to know more, posted a picture from her go pro while riding her dirt bike in Baja.

The caption with the picture is “look where you want to go, not where you don’t”!

Is That a Cactus??

At first glance the bike path is in front of her front wheel. No problem there. Take a look at the handlebars and you’ll realize where she was looking. Cactus do not make for cushy stops!

Look where you want to go. This applies to all facets of life! Whether goal setting or biking - look where you want to go.
Look Where You Want to Go

It made me laugh and remember many, many moons ago, a boyfriend was helping me learn how to mountain bike. There were some streams to cross that had narrow paths; there were gullies and hillsides, all of which were just inviting me to check them out up close and personal. Sometimes the path was wide and easy, other times it was narrow and scary. It was intimidating for a newbie! The best thing he taught me was “look where you want to go”.

I wish I could tell you that I implemented the advice right away with ease and grace. Not so much. Of course, I had to learn by experience. Yes, I ended up IN a few creeks rather than ON the bridge.

This phrase, look where you want to go, applies to motocross, mountain biking, and all kinds of sports. However, it also most certainly applies to setting life goals as well!

Setting a goal or setting intention, creating a vision board or claiming a word for the year - these will all help you set a path toward something this year
What do you want to move toward this year?

Life Application

Set an intention for the year. Pick a word for the year. Set goals for the year. Create a life plan. (Look where you want to go.)

Often times I hear people saying, “I don’t set a New Year goal because they don’t work anyway.” I beg to differ.

All of this works, even if you’re moving the dial just slightly.

Look where you want to go.

There are many tools that help us keep our focus and keep us “looking where we want to go”, throughout the year. It’s definitely a challenge! There is no ‘one size fits all’. There’s never a perfect path.

This is what we think our paths will look like.

When we set goals and intentions we often think our trajectory will be a simple straight and speedy one.
This is the Intention for our Path

This is reality.

Our goal setting journey looks like a meandering path not a straight one.
This is the reality for our journey

No matter the strategy you use, the inspiration you get, the program you follow, the important thing is to just start. Then start again. And again!


  • Here is a link from a Kayla about the power of positive affirmations. She is now a competitive triathlete
  • Here is a listening link from NPR about creating habits.
  • Here is a link for you about how to define your goals to help you succeed in achieving them.
  • And one more about how to go about creating the space to set some intentions/goals/whathaveyou in the first place!

Your dial will move each time you push that reset button.

I HIGHLY suggest having an accountability partner with whom you share your goals. My accountability partner and I met this week after a much too long hiatus. We both LOVED it. We left completely inspired, encouraged, and motivated.

2020 is going to be AMAZING!!

Let’s steal that good old Nike phrase and “just do it!”

Do you desire to have an accountability partner, ‘encourager’, and challenger for your business?

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