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One on One

Coaching & Consulting

Ready for a Coach?

Questions for You:

  • Are you ready to break through your current place and achieve new heights?
  • Could you benefit from some streamlining and focus?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck with your business growth?
  • Are you looking for someone who can celebrate your success and help you overcome challenges?
  • Could you benefit from some tools and resources?
  • Are you committed to invest time in your own growth?
  • Would you benefit from some goal setting, finding clarity, and accountability?
  • Would you like your business to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible?
  • Could you benefit from someone to help identify pitfalls and help you avoid them?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you can benefit from coaching.

Coaching is an investment in you, in your leadership, in your company.

Athletes hire coaches to go further, get faster, and be better.
Why wouldn’t you take that same approach to your business?

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~ Samantha

“Samantha Irwin is very innovative, efficient, and excellent in her work as a business consultant. She is easy to work with and her ability to help you hone your businesses goals is second to none.

Samantha is a wonderful source of encouragement and support from start to finish. Samantha has brought much strength to me as a business owner and writer when my businesses were growing so fast I was nearly drowning with all its the new demands. 

She is an careful listener and can help to clarify your businesses message/services to help attract your customers to your store front while removing any barriers that keep your business from rising to its fullest potential.

She is especially skilled at coming beside your employees and coaching them to better represent your businesses core values that helps to increase your bottom line. Her commitment to intentional networking makes her a very wise choice for business consultation for businesses of all sizes.”

~ Katrina McAlexander, The Grateful farmer INC.

Samantha is a visionary. She sets the bar high and encourages you to reach for your dreams and get outside of your comfort zone.

She is highly professional and gently demands perfection. If you want something done well, team up with Samantha.

She is a strong mentor and administrative project manager. She is wonderful at taking an over-whelming task and breaking it down into manageable pieces.

She is one who loves to include others and is strategic with networking. I am so thankful for her direction, guidance and wise counsel.

~ Cheri Rogers, founder, Desta Girl