Transforming Customers into Best Advertisers

Why is Facebook Down
Why is Facebook Down

Facebook and Instagram are down so what’s a business to do? Here are some practical steps to help your business.

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a sure-fire method to drive away customers
a sure-fire method to drive away customers

What small business needs to drive away customers right now? Unless that customer is an extreme misfit, the answer is none. It’s almost an absurd statement. However, time and time again, I encounter staff that does just that. They drive away customers simply because they’re not trained to know and...

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I’m Samantha

I assist motivated but overwhelmed business owners solve their growing pains and gain some time freedom by helping to develop systems that transfer what’s in their heads into teachable lessons for their employees.

I need help with…

Creating a Kick-Ass Team

Attract, retain, train and inspire staff.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Transforming customers into your best advertising.

Keeping the Love Alive

Continued training and inspiration for my kick-ass team.

Management and Leadership

Leading effectively and having a life.

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