Transforming Customers into Best Advertisers

3 Areas to Shore up Your Business & Capture Holiday Sales
3 Areas to Shore up Your Business & Capture Holiday Sales

It’s mission critical state. Small businesses have got to pull customer’s attention away from on-line retailers and easy one-click Black Friday sales specials. It might seem an insurmountable task as so many customers are stuck at home and tied to their computers....

Hiring and Training: My Top 5 Mistakes
Hiring and Training: My Top 5 Mistakes

Mistakes we make are where we can learn and grow. Learning from other people’s mistakes can leapfrog our growth! Grow your business faster by learning from my top 5 mistakes.

Short on Marketing Dollars?
Short on Marketing Dollars?

Have you spent marketing dollars and received bad ROI? I have! You CAN build a robust business without spending much on traditional marketing. There is a way to grow your business in a very cost effective way!


I’m Samantha

I assist motivated but overwhelmed business owners solve their growing pains and gain some time freedom by helping to develop systems that transfer what’s in their heads into teachable lessons for their employees.

I need help with…

Creating a Kick-Ass Team

Attract, retain, train and inspire staff.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Transforming customers into your best advertising.

Keeping the Love Alive

Continued training and inspiration for my kick-ass team.

Management and Leadership

Leading effectively and having a life.

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