Do you struggle to keep your goal commitments to yourself, have employees that are difficult and challenging to motivate, or find yourself constantly annoyed with a coworker? A bit of insight from this book might be the key to ridding yourself of these recurring issues!

The Struggle is Real (and Personal)

These nagging voices are not exactly the positive motivating cheerleaders I hope to have in my corner. Instead, they are they’re whacking me with pom poms full of sand.

The voices tell me to do better, try harder, and have more discipline. They tell me that I need to master this inner discipline in order to achieve my goals and keep my commitments. Some areas seem easier to keep my commitments than others, and it’s always been a little perplexing as to why.

I’ve often been confused as to why there are times, I struggle with not being able to follow through and then other times I follow through like a pro.

From sugar intake to setting a bedtime, from keeping a writing goal to consistently getting up when that alarm rings. there is a common theme for the times I fail to keep my commitments. These commitments are to myself.

I have no problem at all keeping my commitments to others. I’ll often put their priorities over mine. Yet I know that honoring my own goals is equally as important.

The Solution – The Four Tendencies

Revelation of revelations. This book changed my perspective. As often insight do, changing one’s perspective can change an entire outlook on life. It came from an easy, informative, and entertaining read, Gretchen Rubin’s, The Four Tendencies.

After reading Gretchen Rubin’s, The Four Tendencies, it was super obvious how I could accomplish my goals in an easy way that fit with my personality type, rather than struggling and beating myself up.

This book is excellent for your own self-reflection and a must read if you’re a leader in your business or at work. Have problems motivating someone? Wonder why YOU seem to constantly take issue with a team member? This book will definitely cast light on the subject!

I love these insights that help us to become more of who we are meant to be and to step into the purposes for which we are created.

It’s not about willpower for this Obliger. With some new awareness and an easy new strategy, I’m not beating myself up AND I’m accomplishing more than ever before.

P.S. I’m LOVING working on that book!

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