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My attitude is that with every book that I read, video that I watch, or presentation I attend, I can learn something, even when I’ve read the book before, or watched the presentation five times. If I have expectation that I will learn something, I do! Go figure. . .
This is not to imply that every book for me is a home run. When a book is engaging, and I cannot put it down of course that the sweet spot. When I eyes become bloodshot from reading so much – that’s when I know it’s going to be on my ‘favorites list’.
Not all books resonate deeply with me as they do with other people. I’m constantly curious and sometimes surprised by which books resonate with friends and colleagues. Sometimes I am surprised by what people recommend and what they feel is ‘all that and a bag of chips’.

Recently I was given a book by a friend of mine whom I respect greatly as a business owner and leader. She is a voracious reader.

When I began to read Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo I started with the reviews. The book received accolades from Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, and Marie was named by Oprah as a “thought leader for the next generation”. The Oprah recommendation got me excited. The jacket cover states that, “Marie helps entrepreneurs, artists, and multi passionate go getters dream big and create results.” My expectations were up there.

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First Impressions for Everything is Figureoutable

However, I have to admit that when I began reading this book it did not immediately float my boat.

It seemed like I was diving into yet another personal self-help growth book rabbit hole. I’m at the place where I’m (at this moment) neither needing nor wanting more introspection and ‘touchy-feely’ stuff to take up vital creation time. I’m in a place where I’m excitedly moving and looking forward. The writing style also seemed to me to be a bit scattered. However, because it was given to me by about a businesswoman and one of my very best friends, I dove in.

For me, this book was a bit of a slow start. My first dog ear happened at page 73. (Yes, I’ve transformed myself into one of THOSE people. Those people who highlight in their book , dog-ear the pages, and even write in them!)  It seems that was the tipping point in this book for me happened not until page 73. From there it kept picking up steam. On page 75 I found one of my favorite of two phrases from the book!  

Figureoutable Video Review with Favorite Phrases

There ended up being quite a number of revelations I found very poignant and useful especially now, when distractions in life are so very high. It a great reset, refocus, and redirect for my own goals both personally in business and with my clients.
In this book Marie illustrates and guides the reader through some introspection as well as some extremely useful information to help with focus and goal achievement. She uses her own life as an example for this very thing.
If you could use a shot in the arm for moving forward on your goals, focus, time management, inspiration, or just a swift kick in the keister, this is a read I would recommend!
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