Do you desire to be the type of boss that everyone looks up to, is the go-to for answering questions; the type of boss whose physical presence is integral to the success your business? Or, do you desire to be the type of the boss who can confidently take a vacation and know that your business and customers are in capable hands?

I had a conversation with a friend who recently left her firm to start her own business. She is, what Bradford Smart in his book Topgrading, call a “type A” person. By definition this is a person who takes initiative, has vision and ideas, is a great communicator, is resourceful, and definitely does not like to be bored at work.

What Today’s Leadership is NOT

Unfortunately, her place of work is owned and operated by men from the Dinosaur age. These men have qualities that bring these phrases to life, “it’s my way or the highway”, and “people in hell want ice water”. These men seem to be floating along with a bygone business model, stuck in the past, threatened by new ideas, innovation, and change.

They aren’t furthering their personal education, they aren’t nurturing and empowering their staff to grow, innovate, or even to bring in new clients. They’ve developed a business where employee innovation and pursuit of knowledge, is neither modeled nor encouraged. Would this produce the best result for their clients? I think not.

As a direct result of not leading, not being open to change, and not identifying and nurturing their employee’s ambition, they are losing someone who could have been a fantastic contributor to the growth of their business.

They fail to understand how to appreciate people in their workplace. (The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.) So off she goes, starting her own business. I’m 100% certain she will be enormously successful.

Developing Leadership Skills

Developing leadership skills takes time, effort, and lots of personal growth. There’s no “quick hit” or ‘”cheat sheet” to leadership development.  However, there are some excellent books that I found to be essential for developing leadership skills. These books get right to the point. They helped us to create a business where staff and employees felt valued and they contributed to the success and growth of our business. These books helped us create a customer-centric culture that gave staff purpose and motivation in their work.

Employees there are “A Players” are simply not satisfied with ‘Punching the Clock’. If you have employees that simply Punch the Clock and you are satisfied with this, you’ll be stuck in your job/business/ball and chain. You’ll be on the hiring treadmill, unable to get off.

On average, business owners spend 40% of their time on non-revenue generating activities, such as hiring.”

In order to gain both the financial and time freedom that many business owners desire, we have to learn to lead. We have to learn to serve. If we are going to create extremely satisfied customers that are genuinely loyal, we need to know the dog’s name too. (Hug Your Customers).

To earn this level of customer loyalty, customers that return and bring friends, we must hire and develop engaged, effective, motivated, and innovative employees.

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Becoming That Boss Everyone Wants to Work For

How do we become owners who confidently unplug and take vacations knowing that the business is in great hands? We learn from others who have gone before us. Hiring a coach helps get us there faster. Consuming books and podcasts will help as well. Better yet, get the best of both worlds, an in-person mentor and a book mentor!

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  • Your team will love you.
  • Your customers will thank you.
  • Your life outside of work will be excited to see you!