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Creating A Culture Deck

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People need to know they’re valued. It’s more than pizza once a week or a couple of bucks in the paycheck.” ~ Ron Rizzo

A beautifully designed deck with custom curated quotes, imagery, and quick and easy discussion prompts that both inspire and educate your front-line customer service staff to be even more amazing! 

The perfect workplace tool to boost your customer service and have fun doing it!

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This Deck is a MUST HAVE for businesses with front line customer service staff.

  1. Have you struggled with meaningful weekly content for staff meetings? 
  2. Is the idea of a weekly team meeting overwhelming?
  3. Do you want to increase staff retention?
  4. Are you too busy to come up with motivating content for meetings?
  5. Would you like a tool to help support your staff, increase their loyalty, productivity, and workplace satisfaction?
  6. What about customer satisfaction, increasing retention and daily ticket sales? You'll get this too when you invest even just a little time in your team.

Move the needle to creating a culture of customer service excellence with your very own Creating a Culture deck.

Cultivate a workplace culture where staff are:

  • Inspired
  • Motivated
  • Feel valued
  • Contribute to the success of your business

Utilize this deck weekly with your staff to create a culture where they feel valued, where they contribute, where they provide excellent customer service experiences and increase revenue! 

The success of your business is determined by the experience your staff provides to your customers. The secret sauce is having a staff that cares just as much as you do about the success of your business. Invest in them, they're worth it!

Just 5-10 minutes weekly will transform your team and your business.

Make your business THE place to work and THE place to shop!

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3 reviews for Creating A Culture Deck

  1. Stacie

    I love this deck for training staff!

  2. Precision Graphics of Oregon

    An absolutely essential tool for even the most engaged ownership/management staff. Chock full of interesting facts, thought-provoking exercises, and inspirational morsels. You owe it to yourself AND your staff to pick up this deck.

  3. Erika Wilson, Owner, Columbia Laser Skin Center

    I am so excited to start our ‘Creating a Culture Deck’ this coming Monday with our team!!! We have 3 new team members, so this will be the perfect tool for my entire team to discuss and become inspired.

    If you want your employees to be engaged and take excellent care of your customers; as a leader you have to provide the training, the support, the coaching, and the celebrating of successes.

    This amazing deck is a perfect start for all business owners and managers!!!

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