A big part of your marketing strategy and plan must be consistent and ongoing communication with your customers.

Great marketing begins by adding value to your customer’s day and results in increase in your business.

Marketing does not always have to be specials, discounts, and promotions. Marketing includes letting your customers know more about you and your shared mission. It includes a connection between your customers and who you are/what you do.

Your customers most likely already love what you do, that’s why they’ve chosen your business. When you have found those customers that love you, give them what they want. They want more of you!

I recently watched a video segment on Parisian women and how they achieve their timeless style. The takeaway was that Parisian women invest in work horse pieces that work well for their body and lifestyle. Then they take care of those pieces.

They tend not to follow and dress the latest trends, like we do in the United States. They collect pieces that work for them again and again, i.e.: a very good jean. Who doesn’t love a great fitting pair of jeans!?

Pairing those classic pieces with some fun trendy items can move work horse articles from decade to decade.

Is this a fashion blog?

No, this is not a fashion blog, it will connect to business.

Trendy things, or chasing the shiny object, is very common in business, especially when it comes to marketing. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, can be extremely useful. (Reminder: they’re only useful IF your customer ‘resides’ there.)

What, in marketing, is the classic work horse piece that anchors your business? It’s Email marketing! It’s most definitely email connections if your target market is over the age of 23.

Do you want stats? Do you want stories? This post from Odysys is fantastic. Click HERE and read their analysis of the ‘work horse’.

Let’s embrace our inner Parisian!

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