Out with the old, in with the new. Welcome to the new year! Now is an excellent time to tame the business owner overwhelm by defining and planning your goals for the upcoming year. You’ll be thankful next year that you took purposeful steps to tame the ‘overwhelm’ and set some solid goals to keep you on track this year!

Goal setting and intentional planning are a vital part of a business owners growth plan.
Define and Plan Your Goals for the New Year

One of the most common pain points with my clients is the overwhelm. It’s easy as a business owner to become overwhelmed with the constant demands for your attention, the need for your input, ideas, and problem solving.

Many owners find their work life has crept into their personal and family time and they’re unsure how to reverse the trend. They check email and respond at night when the kids are in bed or they keep their phone live even during meetings, accepting texts and trying to solve problems or put out fires.

When we lose sight of, and motivation for, the big picture goals and let the little demands on our time creep in, we lose traction.
Many things vie for an owners time and attention

As business owners, if we don’t take time to intentionally look at our history and plan growth with the big picture in mind then we easily get mired in the day to day things that always are vying for our attention. We drown in the overwhelm. When that happens we lose sight of the big picture motivators and goals.

Business Owner Desires

Would you like to feel confident that you can attend a meeting and while at that meeting your employees are competently confident and competent working and growing your business?

Would you like to “check out” of work, leaving work at work, and enjoy uninterrupted family time? Maybe even take a vacation?

Would you like to decrease the runaway thoughts and to-do lists that keep your mind going at night when you should be resting?

Who wouldn’t?
If these are issues you struggle with, you’re not alone. It’s very common.

Tame the Overwhelm by Defining and Planning Your Goals

Know that you CAN tame the overwhelm. You can start to turn the tide and wrestle back your life. It begins with some intentional time away.

Time away doesn’t mean you need to book a ticket to Hawaii right now (although if you want to, go for it!).

It might be ½ day retreat where you sequester yourself in a room with no phone, no interruptions, no distractions. It might be a weekend at a B&B where you bring your materials, free yourself from distraction, and let your mind relax.

Escaping the Overwhelm – a how-to example

When we had the boutique hotel, we would get to host small business owners numerous times a year. Most often they would arrive in the fall, just in time to reflect and evaluate their past year, then tackle some forward thinking and goal setting.

I remember one young entrepreneur in particular. He came with no business materials, just a thick stack of pleasure reading.

Geez these books were THICK. I’d not seen such a volume of material and here he was with the expectation of getting through more than one of them.

(Know that I LOVE reading but I still go slightly cross eyed when I think about the thickness of those books.)

He booked a room for four nights with the option of extending his stay.

He intentionally took a retreat like this at least twice a year. His #1 preference was to go somewhere that had absolutely no cell service at all. He really wanted to unplug, be unavailable, and turn work off completely.

We chatted about business of course. His growth trajectory was astounding! He was in his 20’s… I thought, “maybe this kid is on to something”.

Business owner overwhelm is not a space to be in if you want to inspire your team.
Business owner overwhelm does not inspire a team.

The Nutty Professor – planning in action

Days 1&2 we barely saw him at all. He probably was going cross eyed reading those books…

It was on the third day, mid morning that he came rushing into the dining room looking for me. He looked so disheveled and panicked I thought he had spilled something on the carpet or there was a water emergency.

Instead, this crazy looking dude asked in a rather panicky voice for some paper and writing utensil. (When I said he just brought books and no planning material, I meant it. He JUST brought books!) He needed something and fast. He wasn’t picky, it could be scrap paper and chalk for all he cared. He looked, and acted, a bit ‘Mad Scientist” at that moment.

I grabbed the supplies and off he disappeared into his room. That evening he came out and looked refreshed, relaxed, and VERY energized. A different person emerged that night from the one I saw that morning.

It was astounding.

  • He removed himself from his work. Completely.
  • His mind rested.
  • The ideas began to flow. He simply had to wait for it.
When a business owner entrepreneur takes time to remove distractions and create space for the ideas and inspiration to come, they will!
Ideas arrive when you make space for them.

The Results

We spoke at length about his process and he elaborated on his business and how these retreats had absolutely catapulted growth. His company rapidly grew from him, a solo entrepreneur, to a team of individuals. His team was always excited when he came back from these retreats because of the ideas and planning that were born from them. These planning retreats resulted in planned purposeful growth, innovation, and bred creativity with his team.

There was something to it!

Inspired and energized employees are happy employees!
Happy inspired employees = productive employees

The ideas and growth goals are already in your head. Most likely there is simply too much of the overwhelm drowning them out.

You might not be copacetic with taking a four day hiatus, that’s ok. Just begin by blocking away some time, DISTRACTION FREE. Build from there.

Would you like some framework?
A kickstart?
Here is a three-step goal setting guide to get you going.

Struggling with the overwhelm? Helping you out of it is one of my specialties. Email me for a free 30 minute consult!


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