I’m a direct, honest, encouraging, yet a genteel whip-cracking business coach and consultant.

I assist motivated but overwhelmed business owners solve their growing pains and gain some time freedom by helping to develop systems that transfer what’s in their heads into teachable lessons for their employees.

Tools are here to:

  • inspire business owners
  • help business owners gain back some time freedom and passion for being an entrepreneur
  • increase profitability of small businesses
  • teach business owners how vital Customer Service is to the Customer Experience
  • help employees and owners understand the great positive impact they have on the business’s profitability
  • help employees and owners understand the great positive impact they have on the every day lives of the customers that walk through their door
  • take the scary out of employee training
  • help owners be more effective with team meetings, trainings, and implementation
  • teach employees and businesses how to positively ‘change the climate’ and make connections in today’s society by practicing a few simple actions until they’re automatic
  • give owners useful tools to train their team
  • create a program that owners can use to implement stellar Customer Service training with their staff
  • change people throughout the world, making them kinder, through small business Customer Service experiences
  • create a community of business owner game changers!

I publish a blog most every week along with a newsletter giving you cliff notes as to the blog content and some other fun bonus items I don’t write about.

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