Busy? Feeling drained? Staff bedraggled? Feeling unmotivated?

Is someone about to get on your last nerve?

Normal. Completely normal.

I found myself feeling this way after a tremendously busy summer season filled with weddings and many hotel guests. Between training up new employees, supporting them, and working to exceed customer expectations I was a tad bit tired and grumpy.

That excitement to serve, the motivation to book the next event was not there. Instead I felt drained, in need of a vacation, emotionally exhausted, and frankly, unmotivated.

How was I going to get my mojo back?

It was my business so it’s not as if I could simply give my two-week notice or call in sick. HA! I needed to figure out how to become inspired and passionate again – recapture that first love stuff.

Luckily Jeff (hubs) and I were heading to visit his folks which is about a 2 ½ hour drive. I LOVE being the passenger when he’s driving. It’s nap time, read time, or space out time. He and I are a good car combo. Jeff enjoys driving!

As usual I nabbed my favorite pillow and at least three books (I think I must have hopes of absorbing information from the books through osmosis.). I grabbed a well-worn read from the shelf – Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell.

Jack’s business is clothing, not a boutique hotel like mine. However, his philosophy and very successful implementation of service sets his business apart from the competition. From the customer to employees, his business story gave me (and my staff) countless tools and inspiration to apply to our business.

After my nap I cracked open the well-marked book.

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Believe it or not, that’s all it took.

I re-read his book and returned from the weekend visiting the folks re energized, inspired, and remembering why I loved doing what I was doing.

I kid you not. All I did was read the book.

If you’re dragging butt and weary from the season, pick up this book. I’d bet money it will be a changer for you. Our staff has read it twice now and the results in their performance, motivation, and creativity is infectious!

Business is hard. Customers, employees, and, face it, life can be hard.

As leaders we’re expected to steer the boat, train and inspire our team, set the example. Truth is, leaders need motivation too. We all need a little inspiration and this book might just be yours. Enjoy.

Let me know your takeaways after reading!

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