Have your goals going out the window? I imagine they have. (Yours and most everyone else this year!) That’s what a pandemic does for you!

There’s so much up in the air, so much turmoil and so many unknowns.  From the economy to school for kids, from changing information about the virus to business regulations and recommendations – there’s constant change and reaction to that change. Some change is good but too much change is not good for anyone’s stress level.

Goal setting and stress management – they go hand in hand.

Stress & Business

When a colleague of mine and I were talking about a mid-year review and goal setting session she reflected on what it’s been like since April. She said that goals she set first of the year are long since gone. They’re a VERY distant memory. Each day she has been in reactive mode, pivoting and working to solve the next daily conundrum that’s thrown her way. When goal setting and financial forecasting were suggested, the response was akin to throwing her proverbial hands in the air.

Reflection and goal setting right now can seem kind of pointless. It’s like trying to navigate your fishing boat toward land in the middle of a horrific storm. The first order of business is constant bailing of the water, just so you don’t sink. The stress of staying afloat is exhausting.

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Dialing Down Your Stress

Your stress level can be helped greatly by taking time to take stock and then lay down a roadmap. Research shows that a way to reduce stress is to set some goals. It doesn’t matter if you think that it’s a pointless activity. Simply taking time to evaluate, dream, and then plan will help you regain some control; it will help you see and move toward the land while you’re in the storm.

I did this reflection and looking forward activity with some of my clients. (Honestly, I had to push the issue because most are bailing water and feel they don’t have time to reflect. This applies to me too!)

I’m certain you’ve accomplished A LOT this year – so much so that I bet you don’t remember half of it. You could probably stand to take a moment to reflect and give yourself a pat on the back.

It was amazing to have the opportunity to look back halfway through the year because I completely forgot how much we actually gone done in the past six months. I felt really proud, pleased, and it energized and motivated me!

Bets Stelzer

C.E.O., Farm Stand

Two Tools For You

As a coach and consultant, I constantly read books and listen to podcasts about organization, goal setting, management, customer experience and business development. One of my favorite resources is Michael Hyatt and Co.

I’ve combined the influence from Michael Hyatt with other tips I’ve learned and applied to create a mid-year guide that I use with clients. I’m offering it to you for free here! In return I’d LOVE to receive your email letting me know how it went.

  1. Mid Year Reflection Fillable PDF, set aside an hour of quiet time and I promise that after you will feel satisfaction, accomplishment, and motivation!

Remember, even if your goals get waylaid again in the future, the act of setting some specific, measurable, actionable goals will increase the likelihood that they will happen.

If you want to kick it up a notch, you need some help with focus and motivation, consider hiring a coach! Man-oh-man we provide clarity, support, and resources to propel you forward and keep you focused.

2.      What does a coach do for you?

The act of reflection and goal setting helps give you something to look forward to and to work towards. The very act of reflection will make you feel satisfied. It will, I PROMISE!

I now make this reflection, evaluation, and goal setting a habit that I practice quarterly for my own business, and I also have my clients do the same.

Take Action

Now is the time for reevaluation. This pandemic isn’t going away tomorrow. It’s time to create your new ‘normal’.

So get your –

Mid Year Reflection Fillable PDF

And/or –

Contact me for clarity

Whatever you choose, email me your results! We all could use a good motivational ‘shot in the arm’ to carry us forward.


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