Customer satisfaction is #1 in her game book. Goal setting and employee training are also impressive (details follow). Being a continual learner (check out the book list below!) and applying all these items to her business for well over a decade have been cornerstones of this amazing woman’s business journey.

Columbia Laser Skin Center

Side Note: E and I have been friends for years, starting with a women’s business book club I believe, and being business accountability partners. AND this one is working to get me back on the tennis courts! I love this human.

How long have you owned your business?

15 years

How many employees do you have? How do you do training?

Including myself and my business partner, there are 12 of us of our team.

The first day of on-boarding the new team member spends the entire day w/ me going over the history of the company; company mission; company “why”; company values; and philosophy

Depending upon the position I then match the new team member with a mentor in the same dept. for training specific to the position.

Staff at CLSC

At the same time I will spend time each day training the new team member on all products and services that we offer (it is very important that all team members have a great working knowledge of everything we offer at CLSC.

We work in collaboration with one another to give each and every client the best possible experience and results.  In order to do that we all need to have a great working knowledge of all of our products and services; (even if it is a service that you personally don’t provide).

I am currently looking at handing off the training responsibilities to our Medical Director; she is a wonderful teacher. I will continue the initial on-boarding, but I feel like it is time to pass the clinical baton.

What incentives or activities do you do with employees?

We are a part of a rapidly changing and evolving specialty, so I make continuing education & training a priority for our office. I put a lot of emphasis on training and education for my entire team.

Team Building Adventure

We have monthly goals that are broken down into daily goals that I calculate for the entire year. My team’s compensation is based on reaching those goals. I have been re-configuring our compensation plan (not easy!) and by Q2 I will also include goals and compensation for other KPI (Key Performance Indicators) such as client referrals, client reviews, and client satisfaction.

At least 4 times a year we will close down the office and take the team to all day trainings.

We also have lunch and learns 2-3 times a month.

I travel with my providers to conferences and trainings around the country.

We also work in some fun outside of work activities like wine tasting, biking, dinner, white water rafting and the like 1-3 times a year

Erika, Owner, Columbia Laser Skin Center

What do you feel are the best things you’ve done for your business?

I am very proud of the level of service that we offer here in the Gorge. From the very beginning I realized that I needed strive to be better than any medspa in Portland. I am extremely proud of our level of care and experience that we offer our clients.

We are actually the top 1% of Botox providers in the US. That didn’t happen overnight, but we have put a lot of time and effort into perfecting our art and skill. We actually have clients that travel to The Dalles from Portland and Seattle for their aesthetic treatments.

I am grateful and proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, but I’m always looking ahead to see how we can give an even better experience and results to our clients.

If hindsight were 20/20, what would you have done differently, earlier?

Read more business and personal development books! I was very focused on perfecting my craft (“entrepreneurial seizure”) and didn’t focus enough time to the growth of myself and my company.

Work with a coach. I felt very alone and isolated for a long time. Connecting with a coach has been a great inspiration as well as providing guidance and accountability.

Developed my skills as a leader

Developed a morning routine

Create goals for myself, my team and the business

What are the most recent or the most impactful books/podcasts/etc. for you?

Recommended Podcasts

Fav Podcasts – Michael Hyatt “Lead to Win

Niyi Sobo “Sports Motivation Podcast
(even though this started out for elite athletes there are many concepts that are very applicable and helpful for entrepreneurs)

Recommended Reads

Click on the link below to purchase – easy!

Books – Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich” & “Outwitting the Devil” these are classics to any entrepreneur’s library. I read them every year. They are from the 1930’s but the concepts are timeless.

I am currently reading “Giftology” by John Ruhlin – The art and science of using gifts to cut through the noise, increase referrals, and strengthen client retention. Amazon affiliate link

I am also reading “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott.

Business Reading

Click on the link below to purchase your doorway to growth!

Both are excellent books so far.

  1. Emyth
  2. The Power of Positive Leadership
  3. Hug Your Customers
  4. Hug Your Haters
  5. If Disney Ran Your Hospital (great book even if you don’t work in health care)
  6. Creating Magic
  7. The Nordstrom Way
  8. Think and Grow Rich
  9. Outwitting the Devil
  10. Giftology
  11. Radical Candor

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“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

Walt Disney

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