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Creating a culture in the workplace that is both inspiring internally and externally is ongoing. It can be exhausting as an owner to create quality training that invests in staff so that they feel valued and have the tools to independently create amazing customer service experiences.

I know from experience, (and from stats), that investing in staff training helps employees to feel valued. Feeling valued is key to keeping staff happy, engaged, and productive at work!

When our staff are happy, skilled, and inspired by what they do this translates right into excellent customer service. Customers become loyal fans, spend more money, and give great referrals.

Achieving these results is not happenstance, it comes with an investment of both time and money.

As a business owner time can be in short supply! I’ve been there. This is the purpose for Creating a Culture Deck. Time to support, train, and inspire staff is tight. Creating content to support, train, and inspire staff . . . exhausting.

This deck provides small and medium business owners with a powerful resource to educate, inspire, and train staff which makes them feel more valued. This always translates to increased profit and decreased stress.

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 5

Creating a Culture Deck is a digital product that makes a leaders life easier.

  • Take content creation out of owner’s hands
  • Raise awareness of the impact and influence staff have
  • Educate about the financial impact of positive customer experiences
  • Empower people with both knowledge and skills.
  • Create focused conversation and communication among staff

You can purchase your own digital Creating a Culture Deck by clicking HERE.

Create a Culture YouTube Support

There is also a YouTube video series that starts the conversation with staff. Every week, 52 weeks a year you’ll get the jump-start needed to create a culture at your business that makes it THE place to work and THE place to shop!

Below is the transcription for the Creating a Culture Deck Week 5. To watch or listen just click the video below!

Video Transcript

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 5

Welcome! This is week five in our series of creating a positive company culture. We are creating a company culture in the workplace that values people, values the employees, values the people they work with, and values the customer.

If you want a quick down and dirty explanation, I will click to. . . I will click to? No, I will link to a video that is an introduction that will tell you all about it.

This week I have a guest. She does not know the question or the quote. And this is just modeling exactly what we would do with staff, and so let’s dive right in.

I’ve got you Shannan here on week five with the Creating a Culture deck. You don’t know the question and you don’t know the quote. No pressure. Very quickly can you just say, you know, who you are, your background um, where you are, that kind of great stuff so we know you?

Staff Profile – Perfect Copy & Print

My name is uh Shannan Campbell. Right now I am currently working as a graphic designer and a print technician at an awesome locally owned print shop in capitol hill called Perfect Copy & Print.

I have been in the print industry for about five or six years. Um, you know, previously working pre-press at a large like, you know, pretty large print shop. I also have, um, about 10 to 12 years in retail management experience and customer service, so.

Truth in advertising, Creating a Culture deck, this is the company that I’m working with to get the actual physical cards printed up. So, it’s been really fun to work with you guys.

I’m going to jump in with the quote for this week and then I’ll ask you the question, all right?

All right sounds good.


Creating a Culture Deck Week 5 Quote

This week the quote is, “Wake up. Be amazing. Be kind. Be brave. And be you.”

I love this picture; it is one of my favorite pictures literally of all time. 

Creating a Culture Deck – Week 5 – Discussion Question

And the question for the week is: “What’s one thing that you admire about your co-worker?” Just one person, and it might even be your boss. So what’s one thing you admire about that person?

Oh wow, um, that’s a good question. Um I would say that, um, and I’ll be talking about um the shop’s owner Amanda. She, and I can honestly say this, is the best boss and, you know, person I’ve ever worked for.

She truly cares about her employees and her community and her business in a way that I’ve never really experienced before. Um, and it’s not just like, she cares about making money. She cares about like, having an impact in a positive way and, and, you know, doing things that are actually going to create like a positive impact in the community.

And she, she’s actively and like involved in many groups. And, I mean, I swear she’s in meetings all day long, like, you know, just different advocacy groups and things.


Leadership Traits that Create a Positive Workplace

Um, and, and not only on that aspect but also the way that she interacts and treats her employees, um. Like, the level of collaboration and respect like, I, you know, I’ve only worked for her for four months, and I feel like I can tell her anything or ask her for anything.

I will always be responded to with like, the utmost respect, and she will listen, and she will like take action on stuff in a way that it, it’s just, it’s crazy. Like, I’ve literally, I just, it makes me feel very valued.

And it makes me feel like very appreciated. And it’s, it’s, it’s a really really nice thing to have that, you know?


It makes me really excited to go to work every day. It makes me want to do the best that I can to like, help her business succeed.

So, yeah it’s, it’s pretty awesome. So yeah. She’s a great boss.

I cannot wait for her to hear this. So, can you imagine if you’re in a team meeting and you’re having this on your Monday morning as you’re starting and this is your question? And she hears you say that? I mean, talk about elevating…

Give credit where it’s due, yeah.

Yeah, talk about elevating the whole entire week; that would just be amazing. This is perfect.

That was a good question, let’s see, I like that one.

Cute Dog Cameos

Elaine are you coming to say hi? Here let’s, come here…

We have a cameo. Oh honey! Hi sweetie. Oh dang, I wish I had feel-a-vision.

I know right? She’s the best. Like, she doesn’t really like people but my other one does.

Dang so cute.

This one this is Murphy.

Oh my gosh. Look at this tongue sticking out!

It doesn’t fit in her mouth. It’s always sticking out.

Who doesn’t love a little puppy, positive puppy affirmation? I know they’re not puppies but, positive puppy feels, and. . . I know . . . some compliment to your boss. I mean, yeah, awesome.

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