Clutter and Productivity – in this instance clutter should be a ‘four letter word’.

What does clutter have to do with productivity? Can’t you still be productive when surrounded by the piles of papers on your desk?

The short answer is yes. You can still be productive when surrounded by clutter. However, you’re definitely NOT as productive as you could be.

Clutter and Productivity do Not go Hand in Hand
Clutter and Productivity – How are they Intertwined?

It’s a new year, many are setting goals and intentions, working to tame the overwhelm. While all movement toward your goals and taming the overwhelm is important, we can increase our success rate of achieving our goals and becoming more productive, when we tame the clutter.

Clutter and Productivity Research

There’s much research out about clutter and its effects on your brain and productivity.

How Clutter Drains Your Brain (and What You Can Do About it)

More Mess Means More Stress: How Clutter Affects Your Brain

In a nutshell, clutter is not helpful.

Science shows that clutter negatively impacts our brain's ability.
Clutter “Stresses Out” Your Brain and Decreases Productivity

My Continual Desk Saga

Do you find “desk management” a constant? I consistently have to reset when it comes to clutter management and using organizational systems on my desk.

(No matter how much I keep trying to make this work, zipping back into my office and unloading my bag after appointments and errands does not make for an organized desk. Receipts STILL don’t file themselves. Rats.)

I’ll file, clean, organize, recommit, and then the little piles creep back, slowly but surely. Creating new habits when it comes to organizing while living a full, busy life takes dedicated focus.

However, if I (we) am to be the most productive then I (we) need to make sure that clutter is not messing with the brain.

When we are more organized, we are more productive, when we are more productive, we are better able to focus on our goals, our mission, our purpose, and our passions!

Samantha Irwin – Owner, Kaizen Business Coaching & Consulting
Focus on your passion, don't become distracted by clutter
Focus on Your Passion, don’t become Distracted by Clutter

De-Cluttering Strategies to Increase Productivity

Here are a couple of great blogs to help get you started taming your clutter and becoming more productive as a result:

How to Eliminate Paper – Megan Spears Disorder2Order

Clean and Declutter Your Office – Busy Bee Cleaning Service

  • Tame the clutter
  • Increase your productivity
  • Smash those goals!

Weekend Project:

Organization! A great way to start the new year.