How are businesses leading during the COVID-10 down time? How can you best utilize your “closed” time? How are we to maintain connections and be leaders in our communities which, right now, need positive leadership?

Businesses are coming up with very innovative ways to still service their clients while complying with governmental closing regulations. It’s inspiring to see people come together supporting one another!

I have always believed that businesses have the power to change the climate in today’s society by connecting with people through extraordinary service. Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of communities.

Especially when businesses come together with a common mission and purpose they have great influence. We’re seeing this now as we work together to slow the spread of the coronavirus so as not to overwhelm our medical workers and facilities.


Businesses are seen as leaders in our communities.

Customers are looking for leadership, for information, for guidance and reassurance, for ways to help.

What to do:

Right now is the perfect time to up your communication outreach! People are hungry for it.

  • Communicate what your business is doing to help flatten the curve
  • Communicate how you can still serve your customers
  • Communicate hope and how people can help support one another

SO MUCH to share! We could spend all day reading ideas and re-sharing them. I know I’ve become inundated with information and it ALL seems useful, from tips for kids, how to help businesses, government relief programs, exercise, on-line museum tours, helping neighbors. . .

The list seems endless. We don’t have to tackle it all; it would be impossible to do do. If we serve everyone, we serve no one well.

How to do it:

If you’re becoming overloaded by information and are not sure what to share, there’s a remedy!

  1. Look at your business mission and purpose.
  2. Look at your own personal interests and situation.

What items would be helpful to communicate about that are relevant to those two?

Customers want to hear from you



Proactive Customer Communication

Your customers of course want to hear from you. You have what they want and they are your match. You fit one another.

  1. When you communicate and share information with them, they, in turn, most likely will share your message with their friends and family. And because people know people with similar values and habits, you may reach a new audience for your business that will help you recover faster when all can reopen.
  2. When you share information that is helpful or useful to you personally it gives your customers an insight and way to connect with you on a more personal level, which creates connection in the community.

Below are some ideas and innovative thinking that have come across my radar! They are good ideas to get more creative-juice-thinking going!

Creative thinking for business challenges. How to communicate and serve customers and community during coronavirus down time.



Creative Thinking

Ideas to Get You Thinking

Many Restaurants and Coffee Shops:

  • Free or discounted delivery
  • Curbside pickup options
  • 10% proceeds to Employee Relief Fund
  • Throwing a free roll of TP in with their to go orders (cheeky!)
  • Phone in orders

  • On line yoga classes (GREAT way to reach existing and also gain a new audience!)
  • Video workouts
  • 50% off e bike rentals
  • Curbside book pick up from local book store
  • Curbside pick up from a toy store

Right now while we are socially isolating we need to make sure it doesn’t turn into fear and loathing of our neighbor. Kindness and compassion must prevail. Acting with caution and armed with knowledge we can become communities that are stronger together when faced with challenges such as these.

Quote of the week!

“We’re all in this together, (just a little farther apart)”

Nate – Owner, Dog River Coffee

Proactively communicate. Your customers want to hear from you!

Samantha works with businesses helping owners to ‘tame the overwhelm’. She conducts workshops and trainings in hospitality, customer experience, and creating a culture in the workplace that inspires and motivates employees and customers!

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