How do you transition from running around in your business to leading your team? One way is to learn from someone who has achieved this. I interviewed Erika Wilson, owner of Columbia Laser Skin Center to find out what habits she’s currently pursuing that contribute to her success in business.

Erika opened her doors in 2004. Fast forward to today and you’ll see a thriving business that has grown, even in the midst of a pandemic, a staff of eleven, and some employee longevity that makes others green with envy. Her longest employee has been with her almost 14 years. That’s saying a thing or two about leadership!

I try, every day, to block out time to grow as a leader. This is all a work in progress

Erika Wilson

Owner, Columbia Laser Skin Center

How has Erika transitioned from working on daily tasks including answering the phone and working with clients, into leading a team, helping them grow into leaders, and allowing her time to do strategic vision planning? Here are 6 of the habits that contribute to Erika’s success.

1) Learning From Others

Two ‘virtual’ mentors that have heavily influenced and inspired Erika are Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, and Michael Hyatt’s company. Michael Hyatt’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and leaders, “win at work and succeed at life”. He has the full focus planner system and two podcasts, Lead to Win and Focus on This.

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Michael Gerber’s book, the E-Myth is a must read for my clients as well. It lays out a path for achieving what many go into business desiring to get, time freedom!

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2) The Power Hour

Each morning Erika blocks an hour on her schedule to do the following

  • Journal gratitude
  • Record 3 wins from the previous day
  • Record 3 misses from the previous day
  • Meditate
  • 20-30 minutes of professional reading

She blocks this time out, gets rid of distractions, and strives to keep this commitment daily.

3) Morning Routine

Erika works hard to create and stick to her morning routine.

  • Setting that alarm
  • Preparing the night before (be it getting coffee ready or laying out workout clothes)

Creating and sticking to a morning routine gets the day started on your terms and gives a sense of structure. A morning routine begins by committing to set that alarm and rise at a specific time. Some days are harder than others, it can be tempting to hit that snooze, but doing so will make you feel behind and not ahead of the day, ready to take it on.

4) Workday Shut Down

Setting up a time to stop working can be a challenge for a business owner. There is always more to do. However, there must be a hard and fast time to stop working. In Erika’s workday shut down she does three key things.

  • Plans tomorrow
  • Looks at goals for the week and the quarter

Writes down the ‘big three’ for the following day.

5) Time Blocking

To accomplish the three tasks set out for the day that are attached to weekly and quarterly goals she blocks time in her schedule to work on them! If it is not scheduled, it doesn’t get done. To help set this up for success, structure needs to be created.

  • Blocks work time in her schedule (for each of the big three tasks)
  • Sets an alarm on the phone
  • Shuts door to office
  • Notifies and trains staff that it is uninterrupted time
great customer service

6) Quarterly Planning

Something that Erika does that really has catapulted her personal and professional growth, and also the growth for her business, is scheduling a quarterly planning and review time.

  • Reviews previous quarter
  • Plans upcoming quarter

This dedicated reflection, evaluation, and planning time doesn’t happen at home or in the office. She plans a trip away and allows herself space to rest, reflect, and plan.

Reflection and planning come much easier when we allow ourselves the space for the creativity. A wonderful book to reinforce the case for this is Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.

Disclosure: I am a PROUD affiliate of where a portion of your purchase goes directly to our local independent bookstore! Also, I will earn a small commission. Click through to support small business. Whoot!


We can set up our ideal week, time block, and plan our days but as Erika said, it’s all a work in progress. Life happens that thwart even the best laid plans. Pushing reset and focusing on the 6 Leadership Habits help to get things back on track.

One of the areas Erika works on consistently is training and equipping her staff. This dedicated time has translated to higher employee job satisfaction, longer employee retention, and increased income for the business.

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