Level UP!

A course to support, equip, empower, and INSPIRE your team!

To invest in the success of your team is to guarantee your business growth.

This course equips and empowers your staff with knowledge and skills to become engaged contributors to the growth and success of your business!


Retail / Hospitality / Service Industries


Our boutique hotel and wedding venue was growing fast, and I didn’t have time or energy to waste.

I wanted to have a team that stuck around, a team that was innovative and effective, a team that was skilled and excited about giving quality service that would make a huge difference with our business growth. A team that I could confidently leave ‘in charge’.

We developed a team that was very skilled with service and passionate about what we (they) provided to guests.

Over the years I built a staff training program that I now utilize with clients to fast forward their business’s growth, improve employee retention, increase customer retention.

This course embodies all that information, knowledge, and teaching. I wrapped up into a  plug and play into your business!

After taking the course, the newest of staff will have skills akin to a seasoned professional and your seasoned staff will be refreshed and energized.

“Samantha’s insight is priceless!  She brings a very unique and special perspective as both a business owner and as a customer. As a previous owner of a boutique hotel, she understands the challenges and struggles that business owners face. She also has a clear vision on how to help business owners create an environment of excellence for both their employees and their customers. Samantha has an amazing ability and insight for creating a world class customer experience unique to your business.” 


Owner, Columbia Laser Skin Center The Dalles, Oregon

What you get:

By the end of your course you will have:

  • Staff that understand their value and importance AND are equipped with knowledge and skills to make more of an impact and contribution at work.
  • A video training program with support documents you can reuse again and again!
  • Support PDF’s – Documents to connect course information to your business. (Build on each module’s lessons to amplify the success of your business!)
  • Communicated with your staff that they are oh-so-vital and important to the success of your business.
  • Staff that is knowledgable, motivated, inspired, and excited!
  • Implemented a training program that reinvigorates existing staff and will get new hires up to speed and fully functional – fast.


  • You’ll have a team that is engaged and motivated, contributing to the growth of your business so that you are freed up to work on other ideas or even take a vacation.

SO many businesses in town should do this! The value is compounting. It will help in retention too because staff see’s that the owner is investing in them and, in turn, they understand how they matter.

Jessie Lamp

Communication Coordinator, The Dalles Chamber of Commerce

After taking the course, here are the words I would use to describe staff results: Confidence. Positivity. Professionalism. Growth. Building a Community.

I wish there was more of it (course)!

Danica Klaus

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More than 10 employees? Email Samantha@Kaizen.Zone for pricing.

Your investment of $275 QUICKLY pays for itself with increased revenue, customer and staff retention.  Easy.

I don’t know how to say this other than I wish I could just hand this video course out everywhere I go. . . . it just changes your whole business. I wish I had other employees watch this with me, just so I could see their transformation.

Gina Bennett

Maker of Happiness, Tammy's Floral

What’s inside the 5-week course?

Module Highlights & Takeaways


  • About Your Instructor – video (6:22)
  • Welcome to the Course + Teaching Tasks vs. Skills – video (5:26)
  • Attitude is Everything – video (7:01)
    • Support Document: Roadmap

Module 1 – Your Value:

  • Impact and Influence – video (5:53)
    • Support Document: “Suck it or Shine”
  • Bottom Line Part 1 – video (1:12)
    • “It’s in the numbers” quiz
  • Bottom Line Part 2 – video (2:40)
  • Make it or Break it – video (2:58)
    • Bonus “Make it or Break it, a 5-Day Challenge”
  • Sum up – video (2:53)

Module 2 – First Impressions

  • Introduction and Review – video (8:05)
    • PDF My Notes
  • Would You Rather? – video (1:57)
    • Support Document: “Would You Rather Part 1”
  • The Trifecta Part 1 & 2 – video (5:02)
    • PDF “So I asked them to smile”
  • The Trifecta Part 3 – 6:40)
    • Support Document: “Would You Rather Part 2”

This module addresses one of THE BIGGEST customer complaints, and fixes it!

Module 3 – Pareto Who?

  • Intro and Lesson 1 – video (8:27)
    • Support Document: Pareto Who
  • Know Your Customer – video (9:32)
    • Support Document: Pareto Who – part two 

Module 4 –Sales vs. Service

  • Matchmaker – video (4:18)
  • Story Time – video (7:20)
    • Support Document: Top Pics Matchmaker

Increase customer ticket sales by just $5 a customer. It’s easy! (2 staff @ $5/day, 6 days a week =  $3,120!)

Module 5 – Congratulations! You Screwed Up

  • Introduction – video (7:03)
  • The Blunders – video (4:25)
    • Support Document: The Blunders
  • Exceeding Expectations – video (11:19)
    • Support Document: Exceeding Expectations
  • Step by Step – video (5:23)
  • Congratulations Graduate! – video (1:19)
    • Completion Certificate

This module is MOST REQUESTED by clients.


Here’s a quick video overview for you!

When you join Level UP! course, you’ll get:


5 Weeks - (plus the intro.) with Support Documents

Each module contains 2-5 video trainings with accompanying support documents that enhance each module. These documents apply the teaching directly to YOUR business, getting the creative juices flowing straight away.

($650 value)

A Month of Weekly Support

I’ll schedule a weekly Office Hour where you and your team can ask questions, discuss, dive deeper, or use as a brainstorming session! Personal access to yours truly.

($340 value)

Lifetime Access to Materials

Yup. Use this course again and again and again. That’s what it’s designed for! After all, you’ll have new staff and people will bring new ideas and experiences to the content. Think of this course as your business trampoline. It keeps generating energy!


Total Value: $990.00

Investing in Your Success: $275

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This is a limited time offer. This course is not available all the time.

More than 10 employees? Email Samantha@Kaizen.Zone for pricing.

You’ve got LITERALLY nothing to lose and oh-so-much to gain.

Your $275 investment saves you over $9,000 in staff turnover costs.


F.A.Q.’s and Q & A’s

Risk-Free 14 Day Guarantee

If after fourteen days of purchase and moving through Module 2, you determine that it’s not living up to my promise: transforming your staff into valued, engaged, and skilled contributors to the growth and success of your business, then you are most welcome to receive a refund. If we’re not a fit, we’re not a fit! I wholeheartedly wish you the best success.


I’m super busy, will I have time to implement this course with my staff?

  • This course is designed for you to plug and play. Easily watch the lessons one day at a time or all in one day.
  • Video lessons are betwen 3-12 minutes. Easy to incorporate daily.
  • Each module contains from 2-5 lessons. To most effectively utilize, go through the course as a staff, re-grouping the end of your week to discuss and implement the new information learned.
  • Taking this course with your staff will garner you fantastic R.O.I. It’s well worth your time investment.


How will I know that staff complete the lessons and don’t just let the videos play?

  • Each module has support PDF’s designed to connect the learning to your business. These weekly documents are the jumping off point for discussion and implementation!
  • If someone is half-assing their work, I strongly suggest you let them go so they may find a position/company that fits their passion. You don’t need to push a rope! Who has time for that?


When will I get access to all the Modules?

  • Modules (2-5 short videos in each module) are released each week.
  • You can gobble them up right away or spread them out during your week.

How long will I have access to the course?

  • It’s yours forever. You can download the videos and PDF support documents! Use it again and again. Seriously.


Will you be available to answer questions?

  • For one month, I will schedule a weekly “office hour” to be available for questions. Office hours can be a group call or Zoom so I can see your lovely mug.
  • You can always email or contact me personally via phone.


Can I afford it?

  • You can’t afford not to get this course!
  • If you reduce staff turnover by one you’ve paid for this course 10 times over.
  • If ONE staff increases ONE ticket sale by $5, ONCE a day for LESS THAN TWO MONTHS – you’ve just paid for your course. That’s such a low bar.

I’m 100% confident that your staff results will far exceed this paltry number.

Still thinking about it?

You should give the course Level UP! a shot if you fit any of the following: 


You understand the power customer retention has on the success of your business


You want to increase employee retention and the contributions that they make every day


You’re busy and don’t have time or energy to train people skills with your staff, training and on-boarding takes enough time as it is


You’d like to reduce enormous costs associated with employee turnover and apathy


You’d like a person who has their Master of Arts in teaching, owned and operated her own business, learned from successes and failures, wrapped it up into this pretty little package, to supply you with an amazing plug and play tool.


You don’t want to invent everything


You enjoy having more time to create, live passionately, or maybe just take a nap.

I’m confident you and your staff are going to be transformed. These lessons are the very things we used in our business that catapulted our financial growth and kick started our company culture to being one where staff was incredibly valuable, valued, and stuck around.

My goal (like I train your staff to do) is to exceed, not meet, your expectations. I want your staff to finish the course, excited, motivated, smarter, and stating, “Wow! I am amazing and have so many ideas!”

I expect you’ll like it so much you’ll want to shoot me a testimony.

Personal invitation

The lessons in this course are ones that I successfully utilized to grow my own business, I’ve used them with my clients, and also in group workshops.

This course combines five of the most impactful lessons that are needed to create a foundation for success and to create a company culture that is customer-centric.

  • Businesses owners need support and a quick win.
  • New staff needs to be brought up to speed quickly.
  • Seasoned staff need inspiration and a reminder.
  • Everyone is busy (including YOU!).

I’ve very tightly packed in content that will get you and your staff the quickest win possible, to make the transformation I promised by taking the most direct route. We want to take your staff from knowing how to ‘do the tasks’ to being a valued, engaged, passionate, and skilled contributor to the growth and success of your business. We want to turn your customers into Geeked Out Groupies and your team into excited contributors.

I’m SUPER passionate about small businesses and their success. I know, firsthand, how overwhelming owning and operating a business can be.

I am SO VERY EXCITED and cannot WAIT to have you implement the course and hear about your success!

All my best,


What a Deal


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This is a limited time offer. This introductory course price is only available for a limited time.

More than 10 employees? Email Samantha@Kaizen.Zone for pricing.