Why is Facebook down? What’s going on with Instagram? What are we to do without these social platforms?

Facebook is a Tool

(There are two meanings to ‘tool’)

I cannot BELIEVE the timing! A few weeks ago I finally succumbed to the pressure and created a Facebook business page to support small and medium business owners. I’ve not found a useful group where small business owners can get resources to grow and train their team, to get and share useful tools that grow their businesses. So I created my own page to support small brick and mortar businesses.

So what’s the problem? Problem is, who is seeing this support page? Where are the pages of the businesses I want to support and keep updated on?

Just last week I was so irritated by Facebook I was keyed up to shoot a video showing exactly what I was NOT seeing for the local businesses that I am a ‘fan’ of.

One just had to look at my feed. No posts from all the local businesses that I wish to stay connected with and support.

Own Your Platform

We do not own Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp. They are TOOLS we can utilize. But know that whomever is behind ownership is not innovating, supporting, and promoting these platforms simply for our pleasure. No, no, no.

These platforms are businesses. Businesses are in the business of making money.

In no way, shape, or form are these companies looking out for YOUR (or my) best interests. They neither work for, nor owe, you anything.

Healthy businesses diversify their communication channels and they own their customer contact list, i.e. email.

Why an Email List?

Email marketing is the foundation on which to build your house. It’s not the shifting sands of social media where one big wave will undercut and undermine your efforts. You, as a business owner, should be able to always communicate with your raving fans, your customers.

Yes, use social media, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I have clients who STILL don’t have an email list that directly connects them to their customers and it baffles me. Maybe it’s a horrid byproduct of growing up on social media. . .

Your email list should be backed up regularly. (I need to do this.) It’s not something top of mind so I suggest opening a new window on your browser and adding a pop up to your calendar reminding you to backup your list monthly or quarterly, whatever suits you best. (I just did this!)

You cannot get much more personal than being in someone’s home or office space. Email gets you not only in the door but in the office, the gym, or cozy in bed – wherever your customers access their email.

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The Power to Connect

Think about it. Oft email is the first and last thing a person checks during the day. Email is accessible on phones, tablets, computers, and even watches.

  • It gives you a direct, personal channel to your customer. It’s not a curated feed where your customers are not seeing your posts because of an algorithm.
  • You don’t have to know SEO to get your content seen.
  • Email is an excellent way to add value to your customer’s day with specials, new products, highlighting staff, or company goals.
  • Definitely make sure that your employee team receives the emails you’re sending to customers.

No one wants egg on their face not knowing what’s going on when a customer calls asking for a special or referencing something in an email. That spotlights poor internal communication. (An easy fix with some weekly training and quick meetings.)

Speaking of Tools and Training

I would be remiss not to offer a training tool for front line staff at brick and mortar businesses that equips them to be friggin’ fantastic at serving customers and bringing in more money.

Pop over to the course page, Power of People.

The course begins soon. Enrollment is open NOW and closes soon. Don’t miss out on an easy, done-for-you win!

We’re here to support YOU!

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