Customer Service in Action – Excerpts from an Interview with Ryli

What does great customer service look like in action? What are the words and attitudes that are needed in order to make customers feel welcomed and valued? What types of skills do we teach and equip employees with to give them purpose and passion for their job?

Excellent customer service experiences don’t simply happen by chance on a random basis. If they do, that’s a certain recipe for disaster. Customers don’t become raving fans of businesses by accident. In order to transform customers into raving fans, businesses train staff and equip them with specific skills.

Research shows that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer service.

To survive covid, to survive the off season, businesses need engaged employees, people with purpose and passion for what they do.

Employees need specific skills training and a mindset that will allow them to make a difference in people’s days, to allow them to be engaged during work, to allow them to help your business grow.

In the video (link below) interview Ryli outlined strategies that she has learned, and put into practice, over the years that make her remarkable customer service manager as well as a delightful human being.

Customer Service Attitude and Skills

Customer Service Attitude

  1. she adopted an attitude towards every customer, one of curiosity
  2. she knows that she can transform a person’s day; she has influence
  3. she uses specific words that change transform a possible negative interaction into a positive one

Customer Service Skills

These exchanges are powerful. For example, exchange:

“I’m sorry that didn’t work for you.”
“Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”

You can see how a simple shift in language changes an interactions trajectory for the good! If an upset customer was returning a product, the simple act of saying thank you is not only disarming but also sets the stage for the staff to problem solve, correct, or rectify the situation.

Enjoy the video and grab more tips, insights, and stories from Ryli to apply to your business today!

She’s an inspiration and a great example.

Samantha works with business owners helping to ‘tame the overwhelm’, assisting with customer acquisition & retention, employee training & retention, and honing your Customer Experience so it kicks butt.

She conducts workshops and training in hospitality, Customer Experience, and creating a culture in the workplace that inspires and motivates employees and customers.

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