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Hiring the right fit staff is a challenge. Retaining frontline customer service staff is even yet another challenge for business owners. How do you find staff that care as much as you do, so that you can create peace of mind that your business is not only growing while you’re gone, but have the confidence that your business is in very capable hands while you’re away?

  1. Getting staff to care as much about your business (like you do).
  2. Getting your customers to be loyal regulars (spend and tip more).

I had an experience the other day that shows how these can be accomplished!

Staff Retention and New Hires Working Together

I popped into our local coffee shop where they have this special concoction called a “nutty brew. It’s a cold brew with hazelnut and vanilla. I add just a splash of oat milk and it is DEEE-licious!

Admittedly, not being a coffee lover because I don’t like the taste, this concoction is quickly becoming a slippery slope. I do realize that the sugar masks the coffee flavor and I’m also aware that this might be the beginning of the end. This might be my gateway drug to coffee! (But I don’t think so.)

I have ordered this nutty brew throughout the summer, even though it has not been on the menu for months.

Realizing that staff have to remember what is in it so when I do order, I always try to be a little extra appreciative.

There are new staff that give me a quizzical look, and, thankfully, staff who’ve been around for a while.

Typically, there’s an “old timer” that knows the recipe.

Photo Credit Brook Cagle – Unsplash

When I ran in the other day there were two women, one taking my order, one creating it. I feel as if I’m becoming a regular and admit it would be nice if I were greeted by name or at least a, ‘Hello it’s good to see you again.’ type of a comment.

Because I know and understand the impact that this small act can have on customer retention, it pains me a bit that it’s not trained and standard practice.

Accidental Improvement of my Customer Experience

Just as I was getting ready to pay and add the tip, the barista creating my drink said, “I love it when you come in.”

It was very simple statement that she made without thinking about it. Little did she know that it had the same effect as if she knew my name.

Her comment MADE MY DAY, immediately brought a smile to my face, and I walked taller.

It improved the trajectory of my day, which of course has a ripple effect in the community.

It also notched up my loyalty to this particular coffee shop. In addition, the tip was extra good!

Take That Vacation – Your Staff Can Be Amazing

How can business owners get staff to care as much about their business as they do?

Staff have got to know the importance and the difference that they make every single day both on the bottom line of the business and on the trajectory of the customers day.

Staff must understand how incredibly valuable they are and then be trained with the skills to deliver consistently excellent customer service experiences.

These little things make an enormous difference for small businesses.

If, simply by implementing some training to help staff understand their value and then to deliver on that value, we can increase both employee and customer retention, it’s a huge win for small business. 

Are You Ready to Confidently Take Time Off?

If you’re interested in tools to help create this type of work environment I invite you to consider two things.

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Take action today! There is no better time than the present.

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