Went to a photography business open house today that just opened up a new studio location. It’s great! She’s got the interior styled very nicely, wonderful print material, logo on the window, and is promoting herself.

However, it was VERY difficult to find. And I’m a local who knows her way around the town. If I had a difficult time, imagine the difficulty of someone unfamiliar. Same goes for an old hotel that reopened and refurbished last year. If I didn’t know about this hotel and what street  to turn off in order to access it from the freeway I’d never know it was tucked away down the street. The access to this hotel is on a side street of a very small town. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your view) the state highway runs right through this little berg. They have prime real estate that would be utilized 24/7 that is not there. So much money just passing by. . .

Your signage works for you without calling in sick, works in rain and shine, is underpaid greatly, and is constant 24/7.

Signage is key. You’ve got to make it as easy as possible for people to notice you. Short of standing on the street or highway waving your sign and blocking people’s path, there are ways you can be “in their business” in a professional, smart way.0002

1) Have your signage on your window, of course, but have your signage perpendicular to traffic (street or pedestrian) as well. This will make you visible to passersby. Even if they’re not outright looking for your place of business or service, they’ll be getting your brand name into their subconscious. When they DO look for your product or service arena, your name will be familiar to them. Familiarity gets you one step closer to a sale or booking.

2) Keep your signage consistent. What I mean by this is that, whenever possible, have your graphics and fonts consistent. Branding should be consistent on your business and rack cards, window sign, street and door signs if possible.

3) Place the name of your business on every possible entry you can.

Spoon feed people. Make it simple. Lead them.

Hotels: Highway sign, Exit sign, Street Sign, and Street Directions.

Brick and Mortar: If you’re in a coop type building, try and get your name on every door entry. Familiarity. Remember? Familiarity with your name is one of the first steps to engaging your customer.

During your lunch break today take a walk or drive in your area and pretend you’re a tourist poking around. How easy have you made it to direct yourself (tourist/customer) to your door? Easy? GREAT! (check your signs for maintenance), Not easy? Create a plan to fix it.

Lead them horses to water!

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