Changing up this one simple employee to customer experience and interaction will increase your sales, your positive customer reviews, your customer loyalty, and your employee happiness in the workplace. For me, Jo Malone London lead the way with a phenomenal Customer Experience!

Quality Customer Experiences with employees guarantee business growth.
Your business can leap in front of the competition by training staff to give quality Customer Experiences.

My friend Erika and I had an extraordinary experience at Joe Malone London in Houston Texas.

Anicea, the Stylist who helped us, was out of this world. She was the gold standard for whom you would want to represent your business. Your sales and customer satisfaction are all but guaranteed to increase if you could just clone this young woman. . .

I Entered

  • I walked in not wanting to purchase anything.
  • I wasn’t dressed appropriately for the area, (I looked kind of shabby).
  • I had flown so I didn’t want to take anything in my carry-on.
  • I just wanted to smell some of their fantastic products while my friend shopped for an employee’s birthday gift.

I Exited

  • I left stoked by the discovery of this new luxurious scent.
  • I purchased an item.
  • I still didn’t have to put anything in my carry-on luggage.
  • And, I was so impressed I wrote a glowing review about her and sent it to her supervisors.

I left Jo Malone London completely hooked and extraordinarily impressed because of our interaction with Anicea. She wasn’t at all “sales-y“; she was personable and genuinely helpful. She loved what she did and clearly loved her customers!

Employee interactions with the customer make or break business growth.
Business WINS involve making connections with your customers.

She took time with us and got to know why we were there, what we were looking for, and she knew her product like the back of her hand. The overall experience was chock full of important Customer Experience enhancing examples.

However, at the end of the purchase Anicea did a very simple, yet extraordinarily powerful thing. This ‘thing’, if you choose to train your staff to do it, is what will increase positive customer reviews, sales, customer loyalty, and employee happiness.

When at the end of our shopping experience, Anicea did not simply ring up Erika’s purchase then let Erika pick up her purchase and say, “thanks for coming in”.

The difference at the end of this transaction was subtle but extremely powerful. It was a game changer.

The Game Changer – employee and customer experience interactions

She rang up Erika’s purchase, then picked it up before Erika had a chance to nab it.  

Anicea had Erika’s bag in hand and then handed it to her. She did this while looking Erika in the eye, smiling, and took a moment to say, “thank you for coming in”.

It was not rushed. The comment had time to ‘settle in’. It was so incredibly genuine. It was such a simple act and it blew me away. This was an employee to customer interaction that was very valuable.

Amazing Customer Experiences translate to customer loyalty
Quality Customer Experiences create customer loyalty

Doing the Customer Experience “thing”

Anicea made time stand still for a moment. She greatly enhanced our experience at Jo Malone London.

  • Hand the customer their purchase
  • Look them in the eye.
  • Smile and genuinely thank them.

Those three bullet points are the “one simple act” that will elevate your business Customer Experience to the next level.

(Yes, there are three bullet points, but they happen as “one” act. Call it, if you will, a ‘three in one’ or something like that!)

Do you have an Anicea on your team? Do you want Anicea’s on your staff? Have them read this story and try it out. I’m excited to hear your results! Email me at the address below.