An attitude of gratitude. Of course, with Thanksgiving and the holidays it’s a theme in all of November!

But how can gratitude help grow your business? What effect does it have on customers, employees, and company culture? How can this attitude of gratitude enhance customer experiences?

We hear that gratitude is important, but do we REALLY KNOW why, or how, it translates to creating a culture that provides amazing customer service? How does gratitude create an excellent customer experience that increases business?

I could start with research but let’s just start with common sense.

Gratitude IRL (In Real Life)

How gratitude can help your business. The common sense approach.

Would you rather frequent a coffee shop where the baristas write your name on your cup and call it out (like you’ve won the coffee lottery!), or one where you have to hunt to see if you’ve nabbed the right drink?

Would you prefer to shop at a grocer where the produce workers greet you while working, or one where they avoid eye contact and act like you’re a leper?

Fact: Customers shop where the customer experience makes them feel valued.


Fact: Employees are happier in the workplace AND give better customer experiences when they feel appreciated.


Fact: Your community is full of amazing people making a difference every day. It’s time to call them out

Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

A GREAT book to get started finding out specifically how people feel appreciated differently.

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Using Gratitude to Create FOMO

Gratitude can help your business in an unexptected way. People love to be recognized for positive things they’ve done. Not only does it give good feels for that person but it leaves other’s with an “I want that” feeling.

Thinking about CX, we want our staff to give excellent Customer Experiences and one way they’re more inclined to do so is when we reinforce the amazing things they’re doing!

You can apply this to customers as well. By giving customers a shout out, some kudos, some thanks, they’re feeling appreciated and will be more likely to come back.

And – let’s be real. It can create some FOMO in a VERY good way!

Real Acts of Gratitude

  1. Miguel Jara at Nobis for the kindness he showed to a new driver. The small interaction made a big difference.
  2. Mara at Henni’s for creating an extraordinary customer experience for my birthday, from the cheerful first phone call to getting a stranger to wish me happy birthday.
  3. Maui, Copper West, for being an adult candy pusher friendly accosting adults with a treat. To watch adults, reacting spontaneously to this surprise, was like looking at them when they were kids.
  4. Winter at Pixan who, on my second visit, remembered not only me, but also the special drink that I liked!
  5. Andrew, Skylight, walking across the street just to say hello to two people having coffee. Noticing people and engaging with them is a gift of hospitality that makes downtown a fun place to be.
  6. Vincent at Tum-a-Lum – he not only greets people with a cheerful hello but NOTICES them pondering decisions and actively asks if you need help.
  7. Gena and Demi at Tammy’s who greet me with such enthusiasm I feel like I’m the honored guest the party has been waiting for.
  8. Dan, our mail carrier, who almost always waves a hello.
  9. Mani, HR city employee who drives my most favorite of the machines, the sweeper. I’ve seen him take time to answer direction questions from a stranger. An ambassador for the community.
  10. Jessie from TD Chamber who I appreciate so much. When I first joined, I didn’t have their system down and she reached out with reminders to shoot over content, helping me to create a habit.
  11. TD Chamber board members, Laurie from Free bridge, Connie of Zims, Jeff Nichols CPA, Daniel at Wheatland insurance, and Chamber building neighbors Rachel and Elliot (3 yrs.) volunteering time to do some clean up around the property. You made staff feel oh-so appreciated.
  12. Early morning baristas at Grinders coffee in TD, they recognize a regulars car when she pulls up and have her order ready when they open the window. Such a treat!

    Sharing gratitude with staff, customers, even strangers, creates a ripple effect that not only translates to dollars earned in business, but, maybe even more importantly right now, connects us to one another in a very positive way.

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