Well done. VERY well done!

My mom’s 75th birthday was fast approaching and one of the gifts I knew she had her eye on was a flower vase from Stems. These vases are not only beautiful but they’re for the flower-arranging-inept. Which is my mom. And me. That apple fell right below the tree.

I had found Stems at a Home and Garden shoStems Gerbersw in Portland Oregon. The vendor was extremely pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, and all around fabulous. She even let us purchase the display vase we wanted at the end of the show that had the gorgeous Gerber’s already arranged in it. We got a deal! I was super happy with this display of happy Gerber’s and a gorgeous vase.

A week and a half prior to the 75th birthday I emailed Stems to order a vase for mom. After the email I had a quick question so, rather than wait for an email reply to ask this other question, I just called the number on their site. The reply was prompt and helpful. Replies. Multiple. I received a couple emails after my initial inquiry apologizing for the delay (which there was none).

Long and short of it, both the heads of the company were out of the country simultaneously (a first and very unusual for them). Even though they left the company in very capable hands they were doing extra diligence to make sure nothing fell through the cracks while they were away. They were definitely crossing paths and I was receiving duplicate emails (not communicating that someone had already contact me). While mildly annoying it is appreciated to have double checking over ignoring any day.

Ordered the vase.

Ready for the big birthday shin-dig Saturday evening.

Saturday morning I purchased flowers to arrange in the vase (still stresses me out a bit). I realized that the vase Stems shipped was missing the ever-so-important middle piece. The piece that held the flowers and water! I wasn’t super happy but had no time to fret. Substituted my vase and off to the party we went.

When I called Stems to let them know of the problem I was not a happy camper (it was my mom’s 75th after all – not your every day dinner celebration) but also not overly aggressive or irritated. I called simply with the expectation that the problem not only be fixed, but something extra be done to help make up for their error. I’m open to creative ideas. I didn’t need another vase but maybe some care center did. However, I didn’t want to give hints so let them figure it out.

You hit a home run. This is how Excellent Customer Service is done. Letter with Vase

  • Insert for mom’s vase
  • Replacement insert for my vase (I told them I didn’t want another for mom’s)Single Letter
  • Handwritten apology to me
  • Handwritten lovely note to my mother!! (“Samantha’s Mom”) Love it.

Stems, you have my support, gratitude, recommendation, and wish for phenomenal business success!


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