Is customer service dead??

I was beginning to believe so. Here’s the situation:

While driving to and from work I noticed that my right front tire looked a bit on the low side. “No problem”, I thought, I’ll pull into my local service station and have them check the pressure.

It was getting dark, I’m dressed in nice work clothes (not my awesome painting work overalls – I didn’t look prepared to work on my car. . . ). I look pleasant enough and am not at all grumpy or demanding in any sort of way.

Station 1:
They don’t check pressure but I could go across the street, by myself, in that dark looking alley and there is an air pressure hose I could use. At first I thought he was joking, or with a little cajoling he might help me out. Nope. Not gonna happen. Thanks, but no thanks.

Station 2:
They charge to check my tire pressure the but gauge is currently broken. Really???

Station 3:
They don’t check pressure for customers but might have a couple working gauges that they could let me use.
Yes please, I really would like to get my hands dirty and greasy with your possibly broken gauges. No thanks.

At this point I am looking at these attendants who are all male, young, and apparently have absolutely no manners or customer service training. This is not rocket science!! By station #3 I am downright pissed. Is service at a SERVICE station completely dead??

I am driving around looking for  a station on the other side of town and I spy Nelson Tire. Surely THEY can check the pressure! At this point I’ll gladly pay.

What a breath of fresh air! Here I met this marvelous man who politely explained that he’d be happy to check the air pressure. As a matter of fact, he’d check all tires and would I like him to check the oil too? There’s no charge at all. I gave up the ghost and confessed that we purchased our tires at Les Schwab, not Nelson.

‘No matter’ he said! You could have knocked me over with a feather.Nelson Tire

I could tell that service and possibly chivalry (gasp) are part of this man’s character as he reluctantly and bashfully posed for a pic. How refreshing.

Nelson Tire. You’ll be getting my business!

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