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A Fresh Take on Customer Journey Mapping

What do I dislike about traditional Customer Journey Mapping? What is a more profitable way to look at Customer Journey Mapping?

In the blog and video below these questions are answered and a resource to map your Customer Journey is available – just for you!

Customer Journey Mapping as it Relates to Your Bottom Line

Looking at, and curating, a Customer Journey in retail and hospitality is important because it determines the success (or mediocrity) of a business. Like it or not, customers are having an experience with your business whether or not you curate that experience. Small business cannot afford the missteps that happen when their Customer Journey is neglected.

The experiences your customers have on every step of their journey leave impressions. They leave implied impressions on value, the quality of your product or the cleanliness of their stay. Harnessing these subtle communication Customer Experience touchpoints is both powerful and FUN to tackle!

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I was just on a call with a colleague who lives in Seattle. On a whim I posed this to her.:

“Think of the last 2-3 businesses you frequented in person. Without naming the businesses, what are 1-2 things that made you irritated, you thought, ‘oh this could be better’, or just left you disappointed?”

  1. I get so annoyed that I visit this coffee shop every week, sometimes twice, and each time they act like they have no idea who I am. I’m a REGULAR.
  2. When I’m in line at the pizza place, putting my order in with the staff, he picked up the phone and helped that person with their order, even though I was standing right there and we were in the middle of my order.

Then I asked her what she liked about some recent experiences.

“What things happened that made her day?”

(We were on zoom and the change in her facial expressions, voice, and mood was palatable!)

  1. This other coffee shop that has recently changed ownership messed up my order. They apologized, quickly made me a new coffee, and didn’t charge me!
  2. A place where I get a cappuccino always asks me if I’d like a glass of water (I always do but don’t think about it) and they place this small, delicious cookie on my plate with the cappuccino.

Your customer is having an experience in the parking lot, at your front door, even in the loo. All of these experiences leave an impression. Is it the impression you’re wanting your customer to have?

Customer Retention and Satisfaction 

A positive Customer Experience is a key factor in customer retention and satisfaction. This always leads to increased sales, referrals, customer loyalty, AND improved staff retention. Who wouldn’t want that?

By analyzing the Customer Journey, businesses can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to optimize their Customer Experience. The Customer Experience begins long before placing an order or checking in for their reservation.

Your customer is having an experience in the parking lot, at the front door, and even in the loo. All of these experiences leave an impression. Is it the impression you’re wanting them to have?

By curating your Customer Journey, you can create a stellar experience that customers will remember and recommend to others.

Customer Journey – A Fresh Perspective

Traditional Customer Journey maps are linear in nature. It’s a costly mistake to frame your Customer’s Journey with this picture in mind. Using this fresh take on Customer Journey mapping you can see where you might need to pay more attention. There are a couple key areas that can make your business grow like gangbusters.

Good news: it just takes a bit of intentional awareness and application.

To download your fresh take Customer Journey Mapping tool click HERE.

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