Why is this 80/20 rule so important? How can this information help you to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck?

As a follow up to last weeks blog about Marketing, I wanted to give you some resources to help you with figuring out your top 20%.

Last week you looked at the numbers and began to note patterns within those top 20% customers.

To take it to the next level, it’s important to identify some key needs and common traits in your top 20%.

First, why even bother creating a Customer Avatar?
(and maybe what is it?)

Your Customer Avatar is a made up person that embodies your perfect prospect/customer. This person has characteristics, pain points, goals, etc. that your business can address. The better you know who this perfect customer is, the better you’ll be able to serve them.

Knowing your Customer Avatar allow you to:

  • Understand their needs, goals, problems
    • When you’re trying to purchase a birthday gift for your niece, you can imagine her in your head. You think about her activities,needs, etc. and easily conclude that she needs a new pair of snazzy sneakers for her foray into basketball camp.
  • Allows you to help solve and serve your customers needs, goals, and problems
    • Your customer is much the same as your niece. You’re solving their problems with your product or service
  • Narrows and focuses your marketing efforts so you’re not wasting time and money
    • Your niece is a tomboy and budding environmentalist so buying her press-on pink nails would be a complete waste of your time and money. Also, it would do nothing to further your relationship. Your customer wants to feel that you know them.
  • You’ll know where your customer “lives” or hangs out so you can talk to them (I.E. if your customer’s social media platform is Instagram, you’d be wasting your money with Facebook ads)
    • Your niece, unlike most kids her age, doesn’t have a cell phone for texting, so while texting may be a fast and easy way for you to communicate, it isn’t her her. Like with your customers, if you’re talking(marketing) to them in a platform they’re not hanging out it, well, they’re not hearing you at all.
  • Grow your business most effectively and efficiently
    • Hot damn, that’s right!!

As in most anything, there is not one “right” and one “wrong”way to do things. The most important thing is to simply DO. Move forward,learn, grow, correct, evaluate, and move again!

(You can even create a negative avatar! It’s very helpful to know who you’re NOT wanting as a customer. Plus, this can be a bit of fun.)

So, take your pick from these guides (or Google your own on-line). Mix them up, make them your own. One size does not fit all.


Digital Marketer 

Laura Kinoshita Hub Spot 

Let me know how it goes!


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