Why would a
business want to create a culture of customer service? Don’t clients and
customers frequent a business for the product and/or service?

The short answer is yes. Customers do seek out, and return to, businesses for products and/or services.

However, businesses that wish to be around in five years, who want to reduce employee turnover and increase revenue and customer satisfaction, make the creation of a service culture top priority. They work to create a culture of customer service.

Excellence in customer service, creating a culture of excellence, goes far beyond just the transaction.

Customer service excellence goes far beyond just the transaction.

What Do Successful Companies Do?

When successful
companies like Nordstrom, L.L. Bean, the Mayo Clinic or Zappos have similarities
in their customer service business practices, it’s important we pay attention. Hundreds
of thousands of dollars are spent on development with the goal of growing the

Small and
medium businesses don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on R&D, we just need
to study what the big boys do then adapt the practices to our businesses!

What’s in it for My Business?

When a
company creates a successful customer service culture many things result:

  • Lower employee turnover
  • Increased workplace satisfaction
  • Quality employee to customer interactions
  • People to people connections (not simply transactional)
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Better social media reviews
  • More dollars spent at the business

The above
items alone can result in peace of mind and some much-needed vacation time for
the owner!

Create work culture focused on customer service and it translates to positive reviews!

Create work culture focused on customer service and it translates to positive reviews!

Creating a Culture of Customer Service – why bother? Here are 10 Reasons!

This article breaks down the 10 elements shared by companies that have created successful customer service cultures. Read through and see where your business excels and where it might need to improve.

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Small businesses have tremendous power to transform a community and create positive change in the world!

Creating a culture of customer service. How does this benefit small and medium businesses? What do big companies do? 10 commonalities big businesses have that we can apply!

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