The Cost of Employee Turnover – Holy Crap!
The Cost of Employee Turnover – Holy Crap!

Employee turnover costs, who cares? If you want more money for your business or a vacation, you should care. The cost of employee turnover is surprising and super frustrating, especially if you’re a small business owner. Thankfully we can take steps to reducing turnover and putting more money in our pockets.

5 Strategies to Retain Quality Employees
5 Strategies to Retain Quality Employees

Hooray! You found some staff that are amazing! You’ve got people you can rely on, they take initiative, and they invest in the success of your business by creating great customer relations. Now, how do you keep them? Wishful thinking won’t make it happen, but some...


I’m Samantha

I assist motivated but overwhelmed business owners solve their growing pains and gain some time freedom by helping to develop systems that transfer what’s in their heads into teachable lessons for their employees.

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Creating a Kick-Ass Team

Attract, retain, train and inspire staff.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Transforming customers into your best advertising.

Keeping the Love Alive

Continued training and inspiration for my kick-ass team.

Management and Leadership

Leading effectively and having a life.

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