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Creating A Culture Deck

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Are you a busy leader that’s ready to have staff meetings that matter?

Inspire, and support your team with content to educate, inspire, and motivate your team.

Done for you weekly quotes, stats, AND discussion prompts to level up your leadership skills.

Inspire AND educate your staff to be even more amazing. Create a culture where people LOVE to work for you!

This must-have leadership tool boosts both customer & staff retention.

Cultivating a positive (and productive) workplace happens intentionally, not willy-nilly.

“The Deck is a GAME CHANGER!”

  1. Have you struggled with creating meaningful weekly content to inspire your team?
  2. Instead of calendar updates and awarding ’employee of the month’, add value that casts vision, motivates, and supports your positive company culture.
  3. Educate your staff to consistently deliver exceptional service.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction, retention, and daily ticket sales!
  5. Create a positive company culture that attracts and retains staff and customers.
  6. Imagine what’s possible when your team cares about the success of your business almost as much as you do. (They stick around!)

Invest 10 minutes of time weekly with your staff to increase profitability and reduce your stress.

Cultivate a workplace culture where staff are:




Contributing to the Success of Your Business

“People need to know often that they’re valued. It takes more than just pizza once a month or a couple of bucks in the paycheck.”

~ Ron Rizzo

Make your business THE place to work!

Invest in Your People

What’s Inside

$59 supplies you with weekly content for the entire year!

Quotes & stats designed to increase business knowledge and facilitate connection between staff

Done-for-You Discussion question on the back of each card to prompt thoughtful reflection and meaningful discussion

Samantha Irwin, Founder

Samantha’s mission is to improve people’s lives by teaching you and your team how to create the kind of Customer Experiences that make your customers excited to tell friends and come back on the regular.

Supporting and equipping staff is foundational to creating a positive impact in your community and to growing a robust business, (one that doesn’t rely on you being there 24/7).


“When inspiration is given, people rise to the occasion.”

~ Samantha