Have you heard of the “pickle” story? It’s a great practical example for how to treat customers. It became a ‘war cry’ for employees. Can you imagine? “Give ‘em the Pickle!”. This cracks me up. You can read the short story HERE.

Customer Service Training Matters However You Slice It

Corny Mantra’s Work

Seems silly and not button-up-business-like, but these mantras work.

Ours at the Balch was dubbed by a customer. A guest called it “the warm cookie effect” and said I needed to write a book about our Customer Service and use this as the title. (I’ve started it. . . ).

Jack Mitchell’s employee mantra was “hug your customers’. Sometimes it was a literal hug, sometimes it was figurative! If you’re ready for an inspirational and smack you upside the head oldie but goodie, CLICK HEREhttps://amzn.to/324HUBB and nab a copy of the book.

During your weekly, monthly, or daily training with employees, have them read this “pickle” story. Maybe they’ll come up with their own:

What’s Your “Battle Cry”?

  • Give ‘em the pickle
  • Hug Your Customers
  • The Warm Cookie Effect

Let me know if your business has some silly mantra like this that works for you. We all love stories!

Email me your cookie-pickle-hug story!


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