Management woes. How do you reduce employee turnover, motivate employees, and train people to provide excellent service? It can be a chore! For certain, it’s an all-the-time job.

How do we motivate and inspire employees?

Many employers think that employee training stops after the hiring and on-boarding process, but it doesn’t. If the goal is retention, workplace satisfaction, hiring initiators and not blobs that take up space, and striving for fabulous service for your customer, employee management is all the time ongoing.

Wisdom from Experience

One of my most favorite people recently sent me a quote and a lovely note about enjoying my posts. (I’m telling you, the unexpected message made my day! Who doesn’t thrive from a kudo now and again?)

This man started, grew, and ran a very successful business for decades. I always admired how he treated customers with kindness, never seeming to be too busy to pass along a greeting and a smile.

He recently sent me this quote and said, “We are always trying to motivate employees but there is a lot of management that don’t realize how to instill loyalty. They have to earn it. Reading this quote, I thought you might be able to use this as a motivational for managers or employees” – C. Johnisee

Philosophy of Management

You can buy a man’s time, you can buy a man’s physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of skilled muscular motions per hour or day. But you cannot buy enthusiasm; you cannot buy initiative; you cannot buy loyalty’ you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, and souls. You have to earn these things.

Clarence Francis

Of course, in today’s workplace, we can place woman, or person, where we read man as we have a very diverse workforce. However, this quote’s message is timeless. These things are 100% true to form today.

Employee enthusiasm and devotion are priceless!

How to Motivate and Inspire

It begs the questions: How do you earn enthusiasm, initiative, loyalty, and devotion?

Step one is checking the attitude. Does the quote resonate with you? If it does, there are a couple ways to incorporate it into your day:

  • Post the quote at your desk or a shared white board
  • Include it on your weekly or monthly meeting agenda
  • Share it in email – add it to your auto signature line for a week
  • Include it with a thank you note to your valued employees

Personally I favor the last suggestion: include it with a short note of appreciation. You don’t have to write a novella, just include the quote and a note simply saying, “I really appreciate you!”

How is it that you motivate and inspire?

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