Is there a way that we can increase the likelihood that we hire people who will stick around? How do we get off the hiring treadmill? Can we incorporate some strategies before people sign the paperwork that will increase the likelihood of them being a fit for our business?

No one likes to hire and train only to have the person leave after a few weeks or even a month. This is a phenomenal waste of time, resources, and money.

Creating Customer Loyalty

In this interview with Janice owner of a Arome, she shares a number of gems. Her team sets the bar for amazing customer service experiences. I can personally attest to the skill of her staff. I’ll go out of my way to visit Arome; I’ll make an extra trip that’s not convenient. Why? Because of the fantastic experiences I have with her staff.

Creating customer loyalty, like Janice has with me, is what every business owner longs for. It translates to thousands of dollars in growth a year. Creating a team that knows how to give excellent customer experiences doesn’t just magically happen. It happens by design.

The strategies she’s incorporated have helped her create a team of extraordinary employees that are excited about what is going on in the store, that are motivated to contribute and innovate, and that give consistently excellent customer experiences, and that stick around. Her turnover rates are low!

If you’re interested in watching, or listening, to the full interview with all the tips, click HERE or on the picture below.

3 Lessons for Hiring Quality Staff

Lesson number one came from the small business development center when she was first getting her business going.  It was about taking ownership and accountability for staff. Basically, the ‘buck stops here’. Janice fully owns that she is the one accountable for staff performance. Staff errors are shining a light for her and telling her where she needs to give more training.

The second lesson she applies is to select the right person to begin with. It goes without saying that we’d all like to know before weeks into on-boarding and training if a person is going to stick around and be a good fit. Janice knows that she’s seeking someone to join her team that values people because people (customers) drive business growth.

That brings us to the third lesson for hiring. During the interview Janice asks questions about customer service and customer experience. By dedicating a chunk of interview questions around service, she’s able to get a feel for the applicant and their attitude when it comes to problem solving and creating great experiences at her store.

Interview Questions – Seeking Service Minded Employees

These questions help Janice to see if the person is of a similar mind set regarding customer service. They’re designed to be open ended so that Janice can listen and observe.

#1 what does customer service mean to you?

#2 why do you think people shop at our store?

#3 if you are the only one at the store and speaking with someone who is needing a lot of interaction and you notice a customer out of the corner of your eye that is getting impatient, what would you do?

By dedicating time during the interview with open ended questions, and taking the time to listen to answers, Janice is communicating, well before hiring, that customer service is a priority. It is a core tenant of her business model.

A continuation of that expectation happens within the first couple weeks of training. Janice emails links to videos on sales, service, and customer experience to staff.

Having staff learn from others is a great way to get them to see things from another perspective.

Janice Bell

Owner, Arome

Tools to Help Your Staff Impress Customers

Janice’s team does a fantastic job at making customers feel valued, appreciated, and special. In this interview with Ryli, you can see how valuable finding like-minded individuals can enhance your business. If Ryli were my employee I would feel 100% comfortable leaving the store in her capable hands!

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