Do your employees know what their purpose is? Do they know what their job is when someone walks through the door?

If they think it’s selling a scone or ringing me up at the cash register they are missing the boat; they haven’t been properly trained.

Front-line customer service is an integral part of the entire Customer Experience.

I’m here to testify. It’s vastly underutilized, under-trained, and overlooked.

An employee’s purpose is so much more than an exchange of money for a product. What is the providers job when I’m getting a facial? Is it just to give me a facial and talk? No. It’s bigger than that. It’s more.

Conversation, talk, interaction, it should all have a purpose and a direction.

Employees will perform to a higher standard, they’ll be more engaged, they’ll be more productive, when they are tied to something bigger.

Their purpose for being must be bigger than simply taking money. The parking meter does that.

  • How do your employees’ direct customers to other products or services?
  • How do they improve someone’s day?
  • How are they moving people through the Customer Experience through their purposeful customer service interaction and keeping the customer engaged with your business?

If we think commerce is simply about transactions, defining it as the exchange of my money for that product or service, we are only accessing the very tip of the iceberg.

Providing an amazing, intentionally directed Customer Service experience, can, and should be very powerful!

You and your employees have the power to improve the lives of many many people, one by one. A simple interaction with a customer, whether taking two minutes or 20, can have a powerful effect on the customer and on the success of your business.

Training employees to run the cash register is just one very small, rather insignificant part of their job. Teach your employees about the power that they have to make a difference, then train them how to:


  1. be effective and purposeful
  2. to see and serve people
  3. to address a need
  4. to brighten a day
  5. to recommend another product or service

Do you want to powerfully create change? It’s there. Reach out and grab hold.

Give employees purpose, train intentional actions, give responsibility, and share a mission.

This can change the course and trajectory of your business. It will change the tone, the climate, and the ‘connectedness’ of the people in today’s society.

It begins with one purposeful, intentionally trained interaction. It snowballs from there. Let’s get after it!

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