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This time of year, after the rush of the holiday buying season, is the perfect time to do some work ON your business. Grab your favorite mug of something, a snack from all those cookie exchange parties, and let’s dive in!

Increasing Customer Spending and Loyalty Utilizing Customer Journey Mapping

Want your customers to buy more? What a silly title. The answer most likely is, “of course”.

If your answer is “of course”, read on!

  1.  Decide what you want customers to know, feel, and do.
  2. Armed with the answer to #1, step through your customer journey, analyzing each touch point (steps 1-6) and curate their experience at every touch point.
  3. Implement some of your amazing ideas!

Bonus points for leaders who involve their staff in the process.

I recently was hired to do a Strategy Session with a young entrepreneur who owns a drive-up coffee shop. She was feeling a bit stuck. We used the Customer Journey map that I created and walked through each step. (This map is laid out differently than traditional Customer Journey maps on purpose.)

There’s some secret sauce that makes businesses so much money that happens between the Dating Game, #6, and Out There, step #1. (Hint. It has to do with the Pareto principle.)

Curating Your Customer Experience Pays You Back Tenfold

Keeping this in mind we walked through each step and at the end of our 3-hour deep dive she had actionable short term and long-term items to move the needle with her business AND she had a deeper understanding of how to build customer loyalty. It was so much fun!


“The Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground.”
~ Jerry Gregoire, Redbird Flight Simulations.

If you’d like your own copy of the 16 page Customer Journey Mapping Guide, click HERE


Small Business Success Story

Guiding her, teaching what I know, seeing the aha moments, the renewed enthusiasm, energy, and focus to drive her business forward was so very satisfying. The positive impact she has, the mission behind what she does, is inspiring.

Her business message is simple and straightforward. It’s “you matter”.

Her passion is raising awareness for suicide prevention.

Curating her Customer Journey and infusing her mission with her passion to provide excellent customer service experiences is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.


P.S. If you’re in the Columbia River Gorge area – to support this remarkable young woman visit Uplifted Coffee just west of Bingen WA. Hours are M-F 6-2:00. Tell them Samantha sent you!

Could Your Business Benefit From a Strategy Session or Workshop?

Curating your Customer Experience is the most powerful way to differentiate your business, delight your customers, and empower your staff!

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Two DIY Tools to Support Your Business!

  1. Power of People Academy delivers front-line Customer Service Training for hospitality and retail businesses that result in your staff being motivated and invested in the success of your business.
  2. Creating a Culture Deck is your GO TO, easy-to-implement leadership and staff development tool.
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