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Communicating Appreciation Effectively in the Workplace.

Ready to stop wasting time, effort, and money guessing how your staff feels appreciated?

Build a team that LOVES to come to work and genuinely enjoys their co-workers!

This 90 minute workshop is designed for small businesses having two or more employees.


(Workshop price includes two people.)

HOWEVER the more the merrier! See registration details below.)

Increasing workplace satisfaction is key to creating an environment where people thrive and stick around.

After completing this interactive workshop, you’ll have valuable information to apply immediately in your business. Create a team that sticks around and invests in your business’ success!

(Spoiler alert! There are things other than wages that speak to your staff and give them loads of love and loyalty for you and your business.)

Join one of two on-line live sessions:


Tuesday, May 25th            11:30 PST

Wednesday, May 26th     12:00 PST

The Particulars

  1. Register at least TWO people for the workshop (you can have more!)
  2. Early registration perks – I’ll send you class materials via snail mail (* register by May 17th!)
  3. Enjoy a 90-minute fun, interactive, super useful training
  4. Receive documents you can implement and re-use in your business (yup!)

The Takeaways

  • Understand how to effectively appreciate and motivate staff

  • Create a team that bonds and connects with one another

  • Reduce employee turnover (a.k.a. increase retention!)

  • “Happy wife, happy life” (Happy Staff = Happy Customers!)

    When you have staff that feels appreciated, your customers feel the positive results.
    When your customers feel appreciated, they return, bring friends, and leave great reviews.
    When customers return, bring friends, and  leave great reviews your sales increase.
    When your sales increase. . . well . . . you can do loads with that!

    Samantha Irwin

    Customer Experience Guru, Kaizen Business Coaching & Consulting

    I don’t recommend anything that I don’t personally believe in and I don’t get any sort of kickback or affiliate compensation for this recommendation. I’ve worked with Samantha a lot over the past years and her insight into employee retention, customer service, and business operations is incredibly valuable. I think you’ll find this workshop valuable too.

    Erin Rue

    CPA, Erin Rue CPA

    Ready? Register Today!


    Pre-registration required.

    Registration ends Friday, May 21
    st 4:00 PST

    * (Register EARLY PNW folks, before the 17th so I can snail mail you some fun stuff!)


    Do you want to register more than two for the workshop?

    NO PROBLEM! It’s perfect for your entire staff!

    Click the Register Now link and you’ll be taken care of.


    Two Peeps $45
    Additional Peeps $10 p.p.