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Going the Extra Mile

When was the last time you saw someone doing the right thing or going the extra mile even when they thought no one was watching?

My sixty something white female friend told me a story of her encounter with a gentleman at our local grocery butcher counter.

She was having company for dinner that evening, and since she rarely eats steak, she was perusing the case trying to decide what to purchase.

The middle-aged Hispanic man working the counter asked if she needed help. She explained her quandary and he recommended a sirloin that was just the right size for two people.

He then offered an upsell, a seasoning they had at the meat counter. He was enthusiastic and said it would go well with her purchase.

She declined saying that she had some at home already. All she needed was the steak. He could have left it at that.

The Power of Loving the Product and Wanting to Share it

How many times have I been offered this at the deli/meat counter and gone home without purchasing any new seasoning?

100% of the time.

Apparently, this man really was enthusiastic about this particular seasoning. He asked if she was cooking the cut tonight (which she was) and then asked,

“Would you like me to season it for you?”

She was so taken aback she said yes!

He took her purchase to the back, seasoned and wrapped it, then presented it to her. He said,

“It’s important not to use too much or too little. By the time you cook the seasoning will have had time to work its magic.”

It’s not difficult to help staff understand their value, but it does take consistent effort.

People must understand the impact and influence that they have on the business success AND on the trajectory of their customers day.

Samantha Irwin

Founder, Kaizen Small Business Consulting

Going the Extra Mile and Impacting Your Community

What a delight.

  • She left the counter with a perfectly seasoned steak, ready to cook for her guest.
  • She left the counter having had a very positive interaction with someone from a different culture.
  • She left the counter anticipating tasting something new.
  • She left the counter with a steak that felt more like a gift.
  • She left the counter excited to share something new with a friend.

Was this gentleman a natural, has he been trained, or is it a combination? My guess is that it’s a combination.

For anyone who is face to face interacting with customers, hire personality and then train skill. You cannot train personality. Hire people who naturally make others feel welcomed and then support them by continuing to invest in their training.

A simple way to do so is the Creating a Culture Deck. Small business owners and managers use this tool to invest in their staff with weekly conversation and education. It takes from 5-10 minutes and has lasting positive effects.

 You are welcome to purchase your Deck by clicking here.

The cards have been really thought provoking, fun, and have created an opportunity to think and discuss everyday situations.

We often talk about the current week’s card and incidentally talk about the previous week’s card as well. It’s been a great way to start our meetings!

Joe Guenther

Co-Founder, Crown Point Wealth Advisors

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