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Employee Resignation

Most business owners have hoped that this squeeze on finding people to work would have eased up by now. This has not turned around as quickly as most of us would have expected! According to the recent jobs report 4.5 million people quit their jobs in November which is crazy! (Makes me wonder what people are doing for income?!)

Business owners who are struggling to hire, don’t need jobs reports to tell them something they already know. Hiring is tough. Finding people to even apply is tough. Keeping staff is tough!


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Why the Employee Exodus?

Some reasons for people quitting their jobs are:

  • taking early retirement
  • changing careers or positions
  • concerns about health
  • finding work environments that better fit for their lifestyle, etc.

This is not helpful news for those businesses who rely on staff showing up in person to serve customers. Retail, hospitality, service jobs, medical fields, all rely on people showing up in person; most are not able to offer remote work.

If we run a business that relies on people showing up in person, what can we do, besides offering hiring bonuses and increasing wages, to find the right people to help grow our business? What do they want? What would motivate them to seek work?

Employee Motivators

People are motivated by money, yes. Money is necessary in the economy in which we live. However, if I want to move away from worrying about my staff quitting because someone else is offering them more money, then I must take steps to make sure that my staff is staying for ‘something else’. That ‘something else’ looks like continuing education, opportunity for growth, a common mission and purpose, and a place to contribute and make an impact.

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Mission & Vision – What Should Be Included?

People want to feel like they’re contributing; like they’re making a difference. No one wants to feel like a cog in the wheel, grinding away at life. When a business leads with a strong mission/vision it is motivating internally and it attracts staff that is motivated by the same mission/vision.

We need to have a strong mission and vision as leaders to keep motivated during tough times. The same is true for staff. People need more reason than a paycheck to show up and engage effectively at work.


Personally, I wish, (I hope!) every business that relied on front facing staff to interact with customers had a vision that included creating and connecting community.

My Hiring Mistake

When I mistakenly hired people and their only motivation was a paycheck and not about providing amazing customer experiences, my staff could tell.

These “warm bodies” eroded the strength of our team. They were not engaged. They didn’t contribute to conversations or discussions. They didn’t get excited about serving customers and coming up with new, innovative, and fun ways to do so. They were a drain on our energy, time, and resources.

It costs, on average, 1/2 to 3/4 of an employee’s salary to replace that individual.


Society for Human Resource Managment

Motivating Staff – The Great Renovation

When we have a strong vision that includes making connections in our community that’s something to get excited about! When frontline staff realize the power they have to influence their community, shit happens (sorry mom! sometimes a swear word fits the bill).

When we connect staff to the vision and then train our frontline customer service staff on how to positively influence our communities through serving our customers well, it translates to:

  1. financial growth
  2. increased ticket sales
  3. repeat and returning happy customers
  4. staff that are more satisfied in the workplace
  5. increased productivity

Who doesn’t want to decrease staff turnover, increase productivity and income?


Your staff are worth $1/week of investment. Staff have THE MOST influence on your customer’s purchasing habits. The face to face interactions they have with customers can make your business thousands more dollars just through cultivating and fostering strong staff/customer relations.

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