It’s definitely an employee’s market in the job realm.

I’m seeing hiring bonuses for entry level, minimum wage jobs, and scads of ‘we’re hiring’ postings. Workers are scarce. People seeking work can afford to be choosy.

There is nothing wrong with offering a hiring bonus; it can be used as a great incentive to find the right fit for a team. However, after finding the right fit to hire, the next step is keeping great staff.

Maybe you are able to offer a bonus, maybe not. A hiring bonus is just one tool that can go into your tool kit to create and retain a strong, long-lasting team.

Is it all about the money??

Money is not the only thing that floats the boat for some people. There are other things to that ‘hit the nail on the head’, making staff feel appreciated, and wanting to stick around.

What other things you ask? For example, last week my client unknowingly ‘hit the nail on the head’ for me when he showed up with a very thoughtful gift! He surprised me with some really cool accoutrements for my bookshelf.

It was our first in-person outdoor meet. We’ve been on zoom calls while waiting to get vaccinated and if I’m not riveting, (when is that happening?!) there’s plenty to look at on the bookshelf behind me. I was very impressed by his observation. For me, this thoughtful gift meant so much more than a run of the mill gift card.

Without knowing, he stumbled on one of the top two ways that I feel most appreciated. (Now I’m figuring his language of appreciation so I can return the favor!)

Languages of Appreciation

Knowing how staff feel appreciated and then acting on that information, is an excellent way to incentivize, motivate, reward, and thank people. It will result in longer employee retention. With this tight market for hiring, wouldn’t it be a shame to lose great staff because they felt like their work went unappreciated?

We default to showing others appreciation in the way that we feel appreciated. If we love gifts, we tend to give gifts, if we love verbal accolades, we verbally praise others, if we like a helping hand, we show others we value them by stepping in and offering to help.

How do you find out how people feel appreciated?

The fastest way to find out is to simply ask.

There are two great books that outline and explain the different languages of appreciation in the workplace. One even supplies a questionnaire for you to use with staff.

The first book is: Work Happy, What Great Bosses Know, by Jill Geisler

The second book is: Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, by Gary Chapman


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Pay and signing bonuses might be the ticket to get people in the door, but if we want to keep them and develop a happy, appreciated team, knowing their language of appreciation will pay you back in spades.


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