Download: 15 Fun Hiring Strategies to Attract GREAT People!

Download: 15 Fun Hiring Strategies to Attract GREAT People!

Let’s Get Results! Increasing Staff Retention 

Recently I partnered with the Hood River Chamber and Visit Hood River to put on a Taste of Success lunch workshop designed to increase staff retention. Typically my trainings (save the Power of People Academy) are geared to leaders. This one was for front facing customer service staff. What a blast!

I took modules 1 & 2 (of 6) from the Power of People Academy, your hospitality boot camp, and paired the content down for a live in-person class.

The goal was twofold:

  1. My desire was very strong to have everyone in the room understand how truly important they are to others including the business, their colleagues, and their customers or guests. They’re the Big Cheese.

Dealing with people (customers and guests), is challenging! Service is selfless. It is a constant outpouring of oneself, anticipating, meeting, and exceeding expectations of the person you are serving. These staff members constantly give, give, give, and that is exhausting. They need replenishing if they’re to continue to deliver consistently excellent Customer Service Experiences.

The Chamber and visit Hood River treated everyone to lunch and training. We wanted to pamper and treat these important people.

  1. The second goal of the training was to teach the first two of three steps for creating a consistently excellent first impression, making customers FEEL valued and important.

The group was engaged, they participated, they were fun, some were cheeky, (YES!) and the hour twenty minutes flew by.

“Interactive, detailed, engaging, and fun!”

“A great and personable speaker”

“Full of customer service tips”.

Of course, all of these comments made me smile and check the ‘mission accomplished’ box.

The Biggest Staff WIN

However, you know what floated my boat the MOST?

It was a comment that came to me over two months after the staff training during the annual Chamber Member Appreciation event. One of the owners of a local business took me aside and gave me actual goosebumps (and made my eyes start to ‘water’).

They sent a staff member to that training.

They told me about the huge transformation in her confidence after the training! She’s an incredible team member, they feed her with positive reinforcement, kudos, the whole kit and kaboodle.

However, sending her to the training flipped a switch for her. She stepped into her amazing-ness. They are super happy to see her transformation. The business’s bottom line will feel the positive effects.

Story Purpose, The Gist – Increasing Staff Performance

While this article might be a pseudo interesting anecdote for you so far, you may be wondering what’s the purpose of me sharing this story? (So far it feels to me a bit like my own PSA for training. Sorry! Writing this is uncomfortable for me but the benefit for the independent business owner outweighs my uncomfortable-ness enough to push me to share the anecdote.)

  1. Take time to bring in outside training, be it free videos, paid training, or even a group book read. Doing so not only transforms staff but communicates that you value their continued learning as professionals with a purpose.

Positive on the Pocketbook – Increasing Staff Performance and Retention

I’ve seen, and experienced, time and time again, when we invest in staff with valuable content that uplifts and educates them, they respond very positively, sales increase and staff turnover decreases.

Of course I’m super partial to training staff with Customer Service, or “people skills”. It moves the financial needle in a big way.

Whether you bring in live training, videos or a book read, your business benefits. If you begin with a group book read this is my favorite still to this day:

Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell

Cheers to your success!


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(Creating consistenly excellent First Impressions is taught using three steps in the second – of six – module of the Power of People Academy. The learning module is titled, “First Impressions” – straightforward, yes?).

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