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How to Receive Excellent Customer Service

You may know that leaders hire me and use the training tools (Creating a Culture Deck & Power of People Academy – your Hospitality Bootcamp), to empower their teams and to help their staff deliver consistently excellent customer service experiences.

The results of empowered and educated staff are increased retention of both staff and customers.

Educated Staff = Increased Customer Satisfaction = More Income and Less Stress.

Today the goal is to inspire you as a customer. We’re ALL customers.

Connection is a two-way street. YES, I firmly believe that it’s the employees’ job to create a great first impression and serve well. Service is selfless.

Please let’s keep in mind that service is HARD.

We (we customers) can be a bit needy. Ok, reality check. Sometimes we act abrupt, we’re self-absorbed, and maybe even at times feel a bit entitled.

Let’s flip the lid, turn the tables, change the flow.

Would you be willing, the next time you’re off to shop at the grocery, grab a coffee, going to your doctors, or picking up something at a local store, to make someone’s day a bit brighter?

Role Reversal – Receiving Excellent Customer Service

My hubs, Jeff, and I were in the big city (Portland) for an appointment. We blocked out the day and decided to make a date of it. After the appointment we headed down Hawthorne Blvd. and found  Powell’s Books on Hawthorne. It was much smaller than the giant Powell’s but that made it easier to get lost in the books, searching for the perfect read.

Armed with my book I headed to check out. As is common near checkouts they place low cost, easy purchase items, like chocolate. I noticed Jcoco chocolate with the other candy. Jcoco is a mother and daughter owned company with a great company mission. And the chocolate is yum-o-rama.

I nabbed the small bar and asked the cashier a question.

“Have you tried it?”

“No, not yet, but it must be really good because they’re flying out of here.”

“Jcoco is a mother daughter company with a really great mission. They have these little size chocolate sample boxes that look like books. So delicious and they look like mini-books! Do you like chocolate?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Nuts, light, dark?

“All of it.”

I slid it over to her and said, “enjoy!”

You would have thought I just slapped her across the face. She looked stunned! The woman thanked me not once, not twice, but three times – for a small bar of chocolate!

Video: Tips for Getting Better Service

Mr. S. Always Gets Our Attention

Way back when, when I taught Middle School, a parent would come visit during the day. When he came, he almost always brought a bag full of chocolate. He was our own Willy Wonka. It didn’t matter if we were in the middle of a lesson, when I saw him he was ALWAYS invited in. I loved it, the kids loved it, he loved it.

It doesn’t take much time or much money to surprise and delight someone. Little acts of kindness make a big difference.

A Challenge For You

Maybe you’ll line your pockets with some treats and slide it to the person making your coffee or checking your groceries.

If you take the challenge, would you be open to emailing me and telling the story? I’d love to hear how you made someone’s day. Samantha@Kaizen.Zone

It’s kind of a contagious thing, this spreading goodness.

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Would you be interested in a tool to support your team in elevating their Customer Service game? A tool that, when implemented, causes your employee retention AND daily sales to increase?

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Would you be interested in a tool to support your team in elevating their Customer Service game? A tool that, when implemented, causes your employee retention to increase and daily sales to increase?

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