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My friend Nikki lives in Boise ID; the population is about 1/3 of Portland. I booked a day to work with her on my business.

As a result, she thoroughly knows my passion to create positive change through face-to-face customer service interactions and my desire to support local business owners to solve the pain points of front-line staff mediocrity and hum-drum service.

Naturally she shared some customer experiences stories with me, both good and bad.

This one is very good. It’s a car wash experience. A self-serve drive through car wash.

  1. How did an ordinary experience become memorable and extraordinary?
  2. Why does she go OUT OF HER WAY to frequent this car wash?

Spoiler Alert: Staff have the power to transform ordinary experiences to extraordinary Customer Experience opportunities.

At the Car Wash – The Power of Employee Interactions

At this particular car wash you can choose self-service, or you may book detailing. Nikki was driving up for a self-serve drive through wash.

Even though she chose self-serve, she was greeted by an attendant. There were two other employees behind the attendant having a pow-wow or training. ALL THREE people smiled and said hello. She felt like they were genuinely glad she was there – for a car wash!

As she drove through there were two employees chatting with one another while working. As she got closer, they stopped working, stopped speaking to each other, looked at her, smiled, and waved. It paused there work maybe 30 seconds.

The last interaction was with a third attendant whose job was to guide her wheels into the correct slots. This third attendant guided her, then smiled and waved as her car moved through.

Using The Trifecta to Improve the Customer Experience

(as taught in the Power of People Academy)

Simple acts transform an ordinary experience to an extraordinary one. There are three intentional acts.

  • Eye Contact
  • Smile
  • Greeting (non verbal wave)

These three simple acts, done by each employee, create a positive experience for Nikki (and others!!) garnering much repeat business. Staff understand the impact and influence they have.

You bet your boots there’s some customer loyalty. You bet your boots staff retention is higher at this car was than elsewhere.

Combine customer loyalty with staff retention and the result is greatly increased income for the business.

The Power of People to Inspire Change

Goodness, are you inspired? I’d like to start a gas station revolution. Or a coffee shop transformation. How about you?

Drop me an email and let me know when someone transformed an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one for you! Samantha@Kaizen.Zone


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