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Employee recruiting in retail and hospitality is a challenge right now to say the least!

Who hasn’t pushed the panic hire button? No shame or blame. We’ve all hired a ‘warm body’.

Just finding people is a huge challenge right now. With customers flooding back there is a giant hole to fill.

  • Who is going to serve these customers?
  • How do we get employees to stay longer so we’re not running on that hiring treadmill at Mach 10?
  • How do we train and equip employees to give great service so they’re not alienating our hard-earned customer base?
  • How can we help staff understand that we value (and dare I say expect?) their input?

That’s a lot! Let’s start with one step. Self-Education. Help people understand what you value BEFORE onboarding.

It costs, on average, 1/2 to 3/4 of an employee’s salary to replace that individual.


Society for Human Resource Managment

Employee Retention – Communicate Values Early

When we communicate our values and culture very early and very clearly, it will not only attract, but keep, the right people.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to interview people who are motivated and excited to work for you? People who resonate with your mission? People who think, “gosh I’d like to work here; this is a place I’d like to be!”

The interview should not be the first place an applicant learns about your values and culture. That’s not a good use of anyone’s time.

Employee Recruiting – Leveraging Your Time

Use the tools you already have at your disposal to help you recruite the RIGHT employees.


  1. Record a video to place on your website (or your platform) that talks about your mission, who you are, why you started your business, and what you offer customers.

    : Connect a question on your application to this video. (They have to watch the video to get the answer on the application.)

  2. Record a video talking about all the things that you are NOT. A cheeky and fun way to deliver the same message as above!

Staff Involvement:

  1. Get your staff involved with video interviews answering questions like: How long they’ve been with your business? What they like about working here? The applicant watches the videos to get a feel for the team they’ll be working with.

Customer Involvement:

  1. Let your customers communicate your businesses values. Interview them and ask what they like about your business! Potential employees will see this and begin to understand that you value customer relationships (inferring that they should too!)

Let’s recruit some FAB staff for your business!


Find the people that

  • love hospitality
  • love serving people
  • are motivated to contribute to your business success

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You’re Not Desperate – You’re Desireable

Well, maybe right now you are desperate. But remember, you’re desirable too!!

Hiring and turnover cost time and money. The smaller the company, the more this pain is felt.

You want, and deserve, to find staff that are positive, innovative, take initiative, understand your company mission and purpose, fit with your team, and serve your customer extremely well.

Bringing on people that energize your team and are invested in staying long-term is smart business!  

Increase employee retention and decrease your stress.

Your team will thank you because the new people fit well into the mix. They’ll like their workplace, be more productive, and stay longer.

Customers will thank you with their dollars because when employee retention increases, so does customer retention.

That’s smart business!

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