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Staff and Customers Got You Down?

Are you tired? Are you becoming numb from all that’s going on in the world? Are customers becoming more rude? Is your staff getting worn out?

When is the last time your staff was excited to serve customers? To positively impact your business? To positively impact their community?

The smallest acts of service done with kindness and thoughtfulness can literally change the communities and impact the financial success of your business by creating raving customers. We’ve all seen and experienced this firsthand. 

Customer service and front-line staff have the power to improve people’s lives EVERY SINGLE day.  The success of ANY business is determined by the experience staff provides to customers.

The secret sauce is having a staff that cares just as much as you do about the success of your business.

How does that sound? Would you love to have staff that care JUST AS MUCH as you do about your business?

It begins by support staff with training AND expecting excellence.

Businesses cannot reach full potential, they cannot create fanatic customers, they cannot retain quality staff, unless leaders do both. 

Creating a Culture at School and in Business

When I taught Middle School I loved my ornery, squirrely kids on I.E.P.’s (individual education plans). My class full of them. (Did I see you there??)

  • They came in with expectations of being spoon fed material one on one.
  • They came in with expectations that they weren’t as smart (in fact they simply learn differently) as others.
  • They came in thinking that because they had to work at something that meant they were dumb.
  • One young woman who was advanced physically (she looked like she was in High School), played dumb because she was used to being valued and getting attention only because of her boobs.
  • They came in ready to act out, be the clown, cut others down, in order to get attention.

It was so fun to turn this around.

Photo by Ben Hershey_Unsplash

Photo by Adria Crehuet Cano_Unsplash

What Does it Take?

It began by letting kids know that they were going to struggle to learn, everyone does, it’s normal, it’s how people learn. The culture created in class was one of respect, not fear of being embarrassed when making mistakes. The culture celebrated risk taking.

The environment needed to be a safe space for mistakes to happen, it needed to be a place for kids to feel and understand that they ALL had gifts to contribute and that their gifts were really important.

When they needed correcting, respect was given by taking them aside, privately, and addressing the issue or correcting the misbehavior.

I had to create a safe space for mistakes to happen, create an environment where this rag tag group felt like a team, even if in the hallways they were at odds.

And perform they did. It was magical to see the transformation!

This rag tag group that other teachers didn’t want became confident, they bonded as a team, they started to risk and to step into knowing that they were capable.

We created a mini business in our classroom where excellence was expected. The culture was palatable. They cared as much about the success of the class, and everyone in it, as I did.

What Environment are You Creating for Your Staff?

Are you creating an environment like this for your staff? Can they make mistakes without fear of reprisal? Do they know and understand that they have valuable skills to contribute? Are you expecting excellence and contribution?

When you structure your business in this way, people step up to the plate, just like that rag-tag-amazing group of Middle Schoolers. They BLOSSOM.

Your staff start caring as much about your business as you do.

Your customers feel it and become more loyal. Your business becomes a place where people are actively seeking employment.

Are You Ready to Create a Team of Excellent Staff?

If you’re interested in tools to help create this type of work environment I invite you to consider two things. 

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Take action today! There is no better time than the present.

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