Are you leaving money on the table? The answer is always yes if you own your own business. That’s ok! Life is about choices and balance. After all, business owners don’t set out to create themselves a “job” but rather to have freedom of choice by owning their own businesses. However, if you can make simple changes that increase your profitability, customer and employee satisfaction, then by all means, make those changes!

If you do not have a consistWoman with Moneyant customer service training and or a basic philosophy that you communicate (intentionally) to your employees/volunteers, then yes, you are leaving money on the table. Money that could be in your pocket or put back in your business helping it grow.

So why is customer service training so important yet so neglected? After all it makes you money. That’s one of the reasons you’re in business, correct? No shame in saying so, you can do more for others when there is more coming in.

Knowing how to train your team, that’s a whole different ballgame. I want to make it convenient, simple, fun, memorable, and effective. Enjoy the posts, videos, and training opportunities on this site. Always feel free to send over an email with questions or for a customer service business review! Make it a GREAT day.

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